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WWII:Mars(v1.2) ReadMe

Thank you for downloading WWII:Mars. What you're about to see is nothing any other human being has ever been through. As the name of the map suggests, It's based on WWII units on Mars! That's right, Mars. None of those crappy jungle, swamp, and forest WWII maps. Nope! This is something totally original.

Story: The year is 2082 and NASA scientists have discovered the capability to resurrect dead WWII soldiers for special tasks. The reason is still unknown, 'cause you know how the government is screwed up and such. Well anyway, these NASA scientists, as if never running out of ideas, decide to send these soldiers off into the Martian colony for no reason. That's right, they just felt like it. Without NASA scientists looking, however, these soldiers smuggled RPGs and a few shotguns from out of nowhere. Yeah... and they uh... they finally landed on Mars and went their own way. After discovering that Mars was a totally deserted planet and that there really was no colony (you'd think that, eh?), they decided to begin shooting each other out of insanity. What more could be fun than shooting each other on Mars?! So... um, bah screw the story! Enjoy!

WWII:Mars contains two variants:

WWII:Mars(Boomstick Riot) - 1 shotgun medic soldier on timid, 2 shotgun medic soldiers on simple, and 3 shotgun medics on normal. Anything above normal is just 3 soldiers.

WWII:Mars(Dragon-style) - 1 RPG soldier on timid, 2 RPG soldiers on simple, and 3 RPG soldiers on normal. Again, anything above normal is just 3 soldiers.

There are 12 starting locations on this map.

How to use:

Simply put the WWII_Mars_v1.2 plugin and Zero Gravity plugin inside your "plugins" folder within your Myth II folder. Once you've started Myth II and you've started to set up the game, be sure the units plugin (from WWII:Titans) is ON under the plugin button. Zero Gravity is optional, but it adds a lot more fun. It gives you the feeling that you're "not in Kansas anymore."

More info:

Well you might be saying to yourself,"Hey wait a second, Mars doesn't have zero gravity!" Well, yes, that is true. However, if you happen to be a NASA scientist who plays Myth II also, I'd have to say,"Get a life!" : )

WWII:Mars is supposed to be fun, and not necessarily realistic. Face it, realism sucks to some extent. After all, are ghols and wights real? Maybe in your dreams...

If you want realism simply turn Zero Gravity off. You'll just be missing out on the fun though.

Zero Gravity is a mere 8k plugin. Do not trash it if you plan to play with this map, because other players may want to start games using it and they will be seen as red games. Therefore you'll be limited to games without Zero Gravity and you'll be booted off when they do unexpectedly switch to it during options.


The entire map was done by Khral. The WWII units were entirely created by Santa's Head. Zero Gravity was created by Datax. If you have any questions, comments, or complaints send 'em to the e-mail below.

Special thanks to SH for obvious reasons. Without him my copy of Myth II would probably be in the city dump. Thanks to Datax for his awesome Zero Gravity plugin and his approval for the plugin. Thanks to 37 for betatesting my map (YOU GUYS ROCK!!). Also thanks to Cydonian and Soldier for helping me with mapmaking troubles. Without the help this probably wouldn't have been completed!

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Muhsin Miski (Khral), mmiski@mac-addict.com.nn2WWII_Mars_Read

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