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Knuckle of the Oasis v1.1

So youve got all of your units ready, the pus is ready, your heals are in abundance, and you start heading to the flag, because its just such a fun LMOTH game. But what pops up on screen next? WTF, quit doubling me, you f00king lamer! GFDI, Im being doubled! has left the game. Well, you will being seeing a lot of that on this map. I designed this map to be very fast-paced, all while maintaining a terrain with lots of great strategy points. Honestly, every time I have played on this map, there has never been a boring game. Im not just saying this because its my sweet mapit truly is a blast to play! So, please, enjoy! And I would appreciate any feedback or comments. Drop me some mail (anthrax-free, of course): mindfad@earthlink.net.

Fixes and Additions
Now four variants: a 6-start (Light and Dark) and a 2-start (Light and Dark).
Fixed missing warrior bug, warlock bug, and hunting bug ... so many bugs.
OMFG, sweet colormap!
Added a little easter egg (youll find it easily) to show my appreciation for my great order.
Fixed the starting locations. (You used to be able to see your opponents Ghls from the SE start.)
OMFG, sweet colormap!
I changed the color index around, and now the blood on the maps is really red and dark. It makes everything feel a whole lot more gorey ... and theres nothing wrong with that in Myth.

Special Thanks
Snakebelly (OMG, hes cexi mb) and Zyros (OMG, hes my honeycakes), for help and inspiration. (Also, maybe some more testing next time, eh? Whew! What a pain.)
The rest of Muirthemne Militia, for being such a cool bunch of ordermates.
Bungie, for making such an amazing game, and for Fear and Loathing.
Nintendo, for getting me hooked on video games.
Apple Computer, for making such well-engineered computers.
Adobe, for Photoshop mb!?
OMFG, sweet colormap!

Copyright 2001, in whole or in part, Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungies Fear and Loathing by Joshua Jonesmindfad@earthlink.net. (Please, no e-anthrax, OK?)

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