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Welcome to the jungle soldier!

Set in the jungle. With giant trees, swamps, rocks, hill, plains, grass and grenades, this map will prove your ww2 skills by having to fight in any situation.
Choose one of the 9 map included in this plugin. 5 of which are regular ww2. The others are more realistic ww2 with complete new weapons from the real ww2! Everyone's favorite is there, S2, patrol, elim and even the new from Combat!!, squad and platoon!

In order to play with the new units, you'll have to choose maps ending with "Mercs"
Mercs map are also much more realistic. Taking 2 or 3 bullets to kill a soldier instead of 7 or 8. Use the trees to your advantage, a good soldier never runs in front of his enemy!

New weapons are :
-m1 Garand: US infantry gun. 4 shots burst, medium damage,medium accuracy.
-lee-enfield: British infantry gun. 1 shot, high damage, good accuracy.
-BAR rifle: US Standard weapon, 10 shots burts, medium damage, medium accuracy.
-Sub Machinegun Thompson: US SMG, very fast 15 shots burst, medium damage, poor accuracy.
-Shotgun: Shotgun with buckshots. very good damage at close to medium range, poor accuracy.
-sniper rifle: deadly.
-Bazooka: Rockets going at a good speed, after a few seconds, the missile goes out of fuel and it goes into a random direction. Medium range weapon(Close range you kill yourself, long range you miss!)

Now SNAG this new WW2 map and login to playmyth. Hooah!!

Many thanks to Wismuth and Mate for the testing!
And O Z O N E for the fabulous map!

Brought to you by Renaissance Games.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Zephirus

name on playmyth.net : Zephirus
login : zephirus


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