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GraZz, Wat0r and a big TowEr v1.0
Original release date: 24 - 11 - 2002

- Made and Designed by Frank "Gizmo" Douwes
- Random Weather Script by Frank "Gizmo" Douwes
- Original Teleport script by Ghost (from the Camp POW)

this is the WWII version of GrazZ, Wat0r and a big Tree, the big tree has been replaced with 4 towers and a camp.

units can go into the towers by going in a tent in the camp and taunting while in a tower will result in the unit being teleported back to the camp.

the 4 meshes Included: S2, S4, Patrol, Elim.

2002 Frank "Gizmo" Douwes (f.douwes@home.nl), Havin' a Blast (HB)

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