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By Alpha co (Jim Stadler)
Units by Santas Head (Craig Goodman)
You must use Titans plugin to play this map.

Well this is the first time Ive made my color map. I mean 100% all mine. I have used textures from maps I admire but thats the extent of it.
There are seven meshes.
Elim. We all know what that is.
Patrol is the same.
Squad. You have six soldier units.
Sweeper. This is DA. One tank and two soldier units.
A-2+ You, have two tanks, one field cannon and sixteen soldier units. There are two teams.
A-4+ Same as A-2+ but with four teams.
Sherman Slam. In timid through normal you have four tanks to a team. In heroic you have five. Legendary you have seven. Muhaha. Have fun blowing the map to pieces. I suggest teams for this one.

I took off the unit trading. This was due to many factors. The most prevalent is that with two tanks and a field cannon who needs the extra four soldiers. Besides the maps were getting choked with invisible and all kinds of things.
This is a pretty big map. On all meshes there are ten starts. A-2+ and A-4+ are of course the exceptions. I hope I didnt over do the pick-ups. I tried to keep them to a fun minimum.

Alpha co. (Jim Stadler)
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