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Ww2:Doom The Awakening

3 Diffrent unique Soldiers to fight with, each possessing their own speacial abilities...

The Soldiers----

Heavy Weapons Man- Life-8.00 Speed-50

Unique abilities, speacial ability is a nade luancher shot that is a moderate distant attack, to invoke press t and click attacking ground or unit. Slow as fook but built like a tank! hes even less suseptable to explosions....

Soldier-Life 4.00 Speed-75

A trusty companion the soldiers main attack is a high velocity minnie shotgun blast, and part of the soldiers arsenal he also carries Photon Scatter Nades, I can not explain to you how visually stunning these pretty nades are..taking some time to disperse the heatseeking photon rockets, a very pretty display of power.

Pyro Scout-Life 2.00 Speed 100

The scout can easily infiltrate right next to an enemy and start hacken at him with his weak but faster stab, usually more annoying then deadly. In the scouts possession are Cinder Nades that can be devastating if you get caught unaware.

The Weapons!!!!!
Oh yes the baddies
1. Gernade Luancher- self explanitory
2. Bazooka
3.Ak47- Chewing up many rounds per sec with this bad boy.
4.Meat Machine- High velocity minnie shotgun machine gun.....scary
5.Shot gun- trusty old shotgun- 1 shot up close unless ur a heavy ur ded..but gl getten close
6.Sniper Rifle- Kills pyro 1 shot,knocks Soldier down to 1 hit point, and knocks heavy down to half.
7.Assualt Rifle- Shooting devastating burst rounds this is not a gun to trifle with.
8.The Bodies Of the Dead....Of course and old Bio Fav....strap a nuke to ur dead enemies
back and let er Rip!

Warning: Loss of blood to your posterior is not my friggen fualt... Hf Gl BattleNipple...

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