; Mythgraveyard

Uses Titans

This map was made to fit the style myself and my friends in other WW2 orders prefer. ItÕs
a big map. It has good cover for ambushes. You can send out scouts and have them
disappear from the enemyÕs view. The terrain is such as to provide ample area for surprise
attacks. On Elim and Patrol most of the starts are protected from pile fux. Good hunting!

I hope you like it.

Mesh selection-

A2 and A4 are 2 and 4 starts with soldiers, cans and tanks. CTF, KOTH, LMOTH, STB,
Terries, Assassin and BC. Unit trading for cans.

Elim/ Patrol / DA are small groups of units. DA has the addition of tanks with the soldier
unit more for heals then anything. KOTH, LMOTH, STB, Terries, Assassin and BC.

Sherman Slam 2 and 4 team. All tanks and cans with a few soldiers for heals. CTF, KOTH,
LMOTH, STB, Terries, Assassin and BC.

Turtle Style 2 and 4 team. All cans! No soldiers. Why would you want them :0) All hell is
gonna break loose anyway. CTF, KOTH, LMOTH, STB, Terries, Assassin and BC. Make
sure you use long game times on this one.

Thanks to all the beta tester. 37, COG, Creation, ozone, Handyman, Antipants, Clem, Ares,
Giant and whoever it is in 37 or COG who keeps sending me beer as a bribe to keep
making more maps. Please donÕt stop. Make yourself know and IÕll name a map after

Thanks to Santas Head for the use of the Titans units. Badland for some of the scenery.
Creation for more scenery. Clem for showing me some color mapping tips. Balth, Ach and
Archie for the hosts. Gulla and Gomer for always being the first two to download the betas.
Dozer for having the balls to put aside WW2 to work on the great TSG project. Synapsed
for working with me on maps. Ok IÕm getting off track.

Color map, mesh work, scenery placement and unit placement by Alpha.

Made with FEAR and Loathing © 1998 Bungie Software.

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