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Due to a major flaw in the 4 team mesh I am forced to release v1.1. I also changed the rain around so it wouldn't be that annoying and cleaned up the map a little bit. I hope there is nothing else wrong, but if you find anything please comtact me. (e-mail is at bottom)

WWII: Classic

In making this map, I wanted something sort of like Recon but with its own individuality. I messed around with the terrain until I got it just right and it felt fun and refreshing. I hope that I have captured the same feeling of excitement that Recon gave us. One thing you might want to do when playing this map is zoom out as far as you can go. I couldn't figure out how to get the Height level right like in Recon. :P
I've been working on this map WAY before Titans came out. Just as CP was beta testing this, Titans came out ruining everything! :) I had to convert it, which was very painful, as I screwed up the first main mesh and had to redo the entire map. I finally figured out what was wrong and worked hard setting things straight. So here it is, the world premiere of WWII: Classic…

Map Types

Patrol: Patrol is just like Titans patrol. Timid = 1 guy, Simple = 2 guys, and so on.
2-Team: This is a map for two teams (duh!). No tanks.
4-Team: This is a map for four teams (duh again!). No tanks.
Retaliation: I only put tanks on this mesh because personally, I don't think tanks are that good on this map. But, to please the public I did it for this mesh. Decide for yourself.

Easy as
Put it in your Myth II plugins folder.
Start up multiplayer and select new.
Make sure the WWII: Units plugin is Active. Your done!


I can not thank Cunbelin from CP enough for helping me and just chatting. :)
Santa's Head for making these awesome units and being an all around good guy!
My ordermates, even though they didn't even know I made this map they're just fun to play with. And Freikboi, who is no longer in our order but is awesome just the same.
Everyone on the Vista message board. Without them, this map would have never made it.
Anyone else who I left out.

Feel free to write me with any suggestions or comments you might have. Also, check out my site to see whats brewing.

Dread locK

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