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Cambodia,   was made for the famous cobra chopper, plugin map is canyons and valley..unlike anything you ever seen ,, as far as terrain> 

This maps requires Titans plugin or Team Fortress Special Forces-2 Cobra chopper Plugin,

this map is geared for TFSF-2.
games are: Cobra attack helicopter ELIM, subMG ELIM-PATROL, silencer ELIM -PATROL, and my FAVORITE: subMG (C2)

Choppers also work with titans units NO TFSF-2 PLUG needed. heh but you get rifles and regular stuff.:)

The other new units requires TFSF-2 cobra AH-1.

Hmg on TFSF-2 has the longest range of 35 yards. with titans its only 27 yards.
Silencers have a range of 27 yards,,very good range for sniping :)
C4 is a very explosive mine.. (control shoot ground to place it.)
subMG are very deadly up close..longest range is 18 yards.. tip dont go chasing someone with a hmg :)

Everything in this map was made from scratch except, the NAM status bar, and the Famous NAM colors. took alot of patients to get cambodia in a similar environment.

Took me 3 days to makeit and to get a final.. iam getting really good at this stuff. If you need tips with F & L .email me,, ill be glad to help out.:)

sincerly , soldier (ARMY)

have fun!

Thank you dank (BuD) and all army for beta testing this!!! And many thanx to the turret aka hawk (ARMY)!!!!

Plugin made with fear and loathing of bungie software.

map uses titans plugin or tfsf-2.

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