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WWII: Beyond Recall (V2.0)
by Dozer

Playing Beyond Recall V2.0:
This map uses the Titans units plugin created by Santa's Head. You must have the unit plugin file in your plugins folder located in your Myth II folder. Place WWII: Beyond Recall in your plugins folder also. The host of the game must make the Titans units plugin active. The rock walls and sides of temples are steep. Try to avoid these areas in a fight. It will slow your units down. Except for the stairs on the temples. Those are safe.

Fixes in this Version:
Flak jackets removed from crates near bunker. Media reflections modified for less lag and a pretier reflection. Mesh edges are impassible. Unit trading repaired for use in Assassin. Particle system modified for less lag.

Journal Entry:
The situation is desperate. Time is running out. This damn heat and humidity is makin us all move way too slow. Our men are drained. But like I said, there is no time. The cannisters were dropped by plane just beyond these ruins. They have hired the notorious Omega Squadron (mercs) to pick up and transport the cannisters. Intelligence reports are too shady. They won't tell us what's in the cannisters. It must be dangerously important if their sending us. We're not sure what were heading into. Scares the hell out of me. Were not sure if they know were comin. Im hoping for a surprise. Our men have been in jungle combat, but not under these conditions. We do know there are native villages nearby. They all seem to be peaceful. Although Ive heard stories of cannibals in these parts from as far back as 600 B.C. So I'm not sleepin with my boots off.
Recon Intelligence Report:
This intelligence report is not secure. It was leaked out to spies before we even got it. By now, even the third world armies will be looking for the cannisters as well. You must recover them first. Preferably before they contaminate the area. In that event, a complete burn out of the entire site. Recon also reports that the Omega's have a test bunker established already.
The area is rough terrain with thick brush and overgrowth. Once a sacrificial site for ancient Aztec's. To the north is a small village. Stay clear of the locals. They should not be dangerous, but we dont need any accidents this time.
Good luck and god speed to ya, soldier.

Beyond Recall has 3 varients. 12 teams, 2 teams, and 4 teams. Although, by changing the difficulty level, you change the game type dramaticly. Difficulty levels and game varients are as follows:
* indicates having extra cannon unit as netgame target
12 Teams
Legendary= 4 soldiers and Titans Toys
Heroic= 4 soldiers and Recon style ammo
Normal= 3 soldiers and Recon style ammo
Simple= 2 soldiers and Recon style ammo
Timid= 1 soldier and Recon style ammo
Body Count
Steal the Bacon
Last Man on the Hill
Flag Rally
King of the Hill
2 & 4 Teams with unit trading
Legendary= 20 soldiers and 1 cannon or 24 soldiers
Heroic= 16 soldiers and 1 cannon or 20 soldiers
Normal= 12 soldiers and 1 cannon or 16 soldiers
Simple= 8 soldiers and 1 cannon or 12 soldiers
Timid= 4 soldiers and 1 cannon or 8 soldiers
Body Count
Steal the Bacon
Last Man on the Hill
Flag Rally
Capture the Flag
Balls on Parade

Original mesh and textures by Dozer.
Featuring the soldier units by Santa's Head. Cannon modified by OzOne. Netgame barrels and grass bunch's modified by Dozer.
Model textures by Electrofryer.
Trees by Bungie Corporations.
Demori pillars, Demori barricades, and signposts by spliNe & GimpMask for Bones of Feros.
Dragonfly by ReAnimator.

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop

Omega Squadron, Combat Ops Group, Ground Zero, 37, Aireborne Rangers, Marine Recon, Creation, Santa's Head, Squash, HandyMan, Mock, Kalani, Chrono, General/Kamikaze/Infinite Skillz for uniting me with the best people on the net, Antipants, Balth, Apoc, Rage & Khral (geitard), Mr. Flea, Hero (the Zero) Swinney, Missy for enduring my insanity, Mom for doing the same, James, Apple, Bungie, Badlands, Fair Park, everyone who is actively involved in the Myth Community, Frog Squad!!, Azteca (good greasy nachos), FreeTextures.com, Indy, and OzOne for all his time and vast knowledge spent on me and setting the standard. I know Im forgetting some people who helped out. I also know that most of the only people who read this are the people looking to see their name in the cradits. So thanks to you too. Thanks everyone. You guys make it all worth it!!

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Dozer

Dozer of Omega Squadron 2000

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