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Battle of the Hedgerows v1.0

By Klompton

This Map is the second mission in my WW2 series that began w/ D-Day H-Hour. It takes place during the rough Hedgerow fighting that the allied forces experienced after moving inland from the beaches in Normandy. Install the plugin in your Myth2/Plugins folder and let her rip.

Acknowledgements: My Hat is off to Santa's Head for his incredible set of WW2 Tags, Maps etc. Without him none of us WW2 heads would be stormin beaches, clearing out jungles, and ridding the world of tyranny (well, at least not without bustin' our asses to make tags that were half as good as Santa's) 3 cheers for Santa's Head. I would also like to acknowledge Rage who posted WW2 offline on the Mill that was the inspiration behind this project and it also helped me through many bad isp episodes were I just had to play Myth WW2 style. I would also like to Thank Lord Alliance for his help w/ testing and advice.

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