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>>> Baron's Brigade v1.0 <<<

March 21, 2001

Baron's Brigade is a WW2 conversion of my previous map,
Baron's Backyard. It's my first WW2 map. If you have suggestions
regarding unit balance, distribution of ammo, bugs, etc, please let me know!
. I appreciate all comments.

There are 2 versions:

* the 12-player version - Legendary Difficulty gives each team
3 soldiers.
All other difficulty levels gives each team _1_ soldier.

* the 2-player version - all Difficulty levels are the same.
Each team gets 16 soldiers.

Games supported:

Body Count
Steal the Bacon
Last Man on the Hill
Flag Rally
King of the Hill
Capture the Flag (2-player version only)


Just the regular soldiers. Sorry, no Cannons.
See details above.

Credits & Thanks:

Baron's Brigade v1.0 created by Randall Glass (rglass@oz.net) March 21, 2001.
WW2 units created by the incomparable Santa's Head (http://townhall.clanplaid.net).
WW2 unit tags grabbed from http://mill.evihcra.com/display.taf?item=65161231, by c/Rage.
Thanks to the Mill for supporting the Myth creative scene (http://mill.evihcra.com/).

Copyright 1998-2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Map created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

Baron's Brigade map Copyright 2001 by Randall Glass (rglass@oz.net)
all your maps are belong to us

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