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Artillery Hill

By Lt. Et'he

First map

Drag the plugin into your plugins folder. Will not run unless you have the WW2-Titans tagset installed also.

Construction notes:
I built this map because I wanted some combined arms play. Too often in WW2 games nobody uses the artillery, and for good reason. Why bother use the artillery when you can use fast mobile soldiers carrying rpgs?

Rpgs are great fun, although rather overpowerful, I've solved this in this map, you won't find a single rpg at all. The emphisis is on combined arms, I would like to see players try and work togeather with foreward spotters and players calling for artillery appropriately.

Some of you are probably already disgusted at the lack of rpgs, let me give some words to help ease you into a new style of play. These are WW2 Titan cannons, so you aim them much the way you would rpgs, giving you more control. There's a lot of cannons, you've got enough to call yourself a battery, so players will find it well worth their while to learn to play with them.

This map calls for some new thinking the WW2 arena, I hope you enjoy my first effort to create a map, and you have fun in the proccess. Enjoy!

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“Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.” Created with
Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by: Ian Mankowski, ethe@xoommail.com”

WWII: Titans original sprites, maps, artwork, sounds, scripting and other materials copyright
1999 Craig Goodman.

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