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WWII: American Soil

******************Background starting AS**************************

-I was about to get into starting a Civil War project. Still waiting to
start on that, looking for someone who can make good clean units.
Started working on the WWII: American Soil, because I was pretty upset
that someone STOLE the tags from Santa's Head and Massacred WWII. I
came up with AS in order to fix the damage he created, not knowing
what Santa had in Store(wowzers). AS might not have the goodies that
he is working on, but definitely worth playing... very challenging
terrain, spooky bats that will make you jump and a lot of little features
that make it as explosive as the new RPG blasts.

*******************Be nice to My In-Laws**********************

-** Warning DO NOT KILL THE FISHERMAN! He'll haunt you till you die! =o) ***


-Overhead map is big.. awkwardly scrolls left to right so in terries
there are flags on both sides of the map, you might not see them at first


Thanks to the wonderful people at Clan Plaid for their willingness to
put up with me and my first try at a map, very very helpful guys.

Thanks Santa... I really enjoyed getting my ass kicked when we tested
the map. =o( hehe, and thanks for the Bayonet Stab fix.

Thanks to Magellan, macsteve, and Hanover fist-- couldn't have got it
done without you.

-The tags are Craig Goodman, 1999
(see copyright notice included in this folder).
-The map is Bungie, 1998.
-The US Flag is property of Cydonian
-The CTF flags were made by Spanky, inserted into tag format by Cydonian

any desire to use any of these items should be routed to the
person responsible for it's creation


- "Although I couldn't tell anyone of what happened that night when
the Nazis landed on our shores, I remembered it fondly. Now that I'm
dying the story can be told... ... they shot my partner that night,
and who would have imagined the Nazis Landing in Mississippi? They
brought the war to our home, that's when it got Personal..."

Spanky- Penuel@bungie.net

WWII: American Soil

Love and Devotion to My Wife Gail... SHMILY

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