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                                                              WWII: A Midnight Clear V2.1
by Dozer

Insipired by the
William Whitmore novel of the same
title. Set in the Ardenne forrest near
the border of France and Germany.
Christmas Eve 1944. An American
intelligence recon unit is sent out to set
up post in a nearby chateau. They
thought they were alone. They couldnt
have been more wrong. On the other
side of the tree and snow covered hill is
a German patrol. Both the American
boys and the German unit consisting
of old men and teenage boys are full of
fear. Neither side wants to visit Death
on Cristmas Eve. So a truce is called
for the night. A midnight clear. But
the day after there is still the matter of
following orders. The chateau is a
valuable strategic post wanted by both
the American and German
commanders. After a night of peace in
this bloody war, the fighting starts
again. And once again the price of a
commanding officer holding a map
point to only decide it wasnt needed
after all, is paid for with the blood of
innocent men who only wanted to
survive long enough to make it home
to their families.

This map requires the WWI units plug created by Craig Goodman (aka Santa's Head) to be enabled in order to work.

WWII: A Midnight Clear (sT2): This mesh was designed to play CTF but also includes BOP, LMOTH, KOTH, STB, Terries, and Body Count. Unit trading makes it possible to have up to 35 soldiers or 3 tanks and 1 soldier.
WWII: A Midnight Clear (s2): 20 soldiers or 16 soldiers and 1 feild cannon, or 2 feild cannons and 12 soldiers. Same as Santa's Recon.
WWII: A Midnight Clear (patrol): Supports LMOTH, KOTH, STB, Terries, and Body Count. 4 soldier units on Legendary and 3 soldiers on heroic and lower. Flak jackets available on legendary
WWII: A Midnight Clear (scout): Supports LMOTH, KOTH, STB, Terries, Hunting, and Body Count. 1 soldier unit. Flak jackets available on legendary.

A very special thanks goes to all the members of Omega Squadron for being so damn supportive and encouraging. Thanks to Cunbelin and Mara Jade for their helpful advice on the message boards. Thanks to Kamikaze, Kashman and Fear for helping me get off the special ed bus. And lastly, big thanks to Craig Goodman for saving the myth community by bringing back alot of mythers and inspiring others to dream of what Myth can be.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation, created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Dozer of Omega Squadron.

Soldier units copyright Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z.

Please report any bugs to Dozer at sammal@mindspring.com.

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