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A Very Special Thanks To Craig Goodman (Santa's Head) for creating the most valuable conversion to the Myth community from all the Peacemakers, simply because we cannot imagine a b.net without WWII. Cheers buddy.

AHX - WWII: A Hostile Exchange V1.1

Hostile has 4 main game types and a special operation which uses modified soldiers.

A Hostile S2 - Soldiers only on this mesh (8 Soldiers per level)
A Hostile T2 - Tanks and a handful of Soldiers only on this mesh (2 Soldiers, 4 Tanks per level)
A Hostile Patrol - Upto 8 teams of 5 Soldiers on this mesh (1 Soldier per level)
A Hostile Campaign - A mixture of Soldiers, Tanks and Cannons on this mesh (Varies per level)
A Hostile Operation - Commandos versus Soldiers (3 commandos v 15 Soldiers per level)*

*Please note that on special operation rpgs, medikits and nades are shared by both teams. Vests and machine guns are assigned their specified team and cannot, even if dropped when killed be used by the opposition. So stick to weapons either dropped by yur own men or weapons by your start location.

I hope everyone enjoys this one, its a big map and took a long time to set it all up. If you like the special operation, try downloading my first map - WWII: A Last Stand - which see's Allies and Axis troops battle it out over a village, and got a high mill rating.

Thanks to all the Peacemakers for putting up with very big emails 8)

Have fun, and I'll see ya soon on b.net

s.mayne@cableinet.co.uk - in case you wanna mail me 8)

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