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WWII - AHX 2: Nightfire
by Paladin - Stuart Mayne - S.Mayne@Cableinet.co.uk

I have tried to create something for those of you who like the Allies vs Axis maps, its a night game set on the coast at a German installation. Its a big map with towers, bridges, shore and forests. There are lots of different game types too... so have fun 8)

I have modified some of Santa's units for this map... although I always refer to his originals... I have requested his permission before altering his wonderful tags, and would expect others to do likewise... its not fun to play with other ppls creations without at least letting them know what you are planning to do.

* Tanks, Soldiers and HMG's fire 'Tracers'... which allows yur enemies to know where you are firing from, and also enables your allies to see who you are firing at... adding something new to WWII. I have taken the liberty to add some more sounds to the ricocheting bullets (makes fire- fights a little more impressive I think). Unlike other 'Tracer' games, I have modified the units so they are not quite so accurate, I believe that is why so many ppl were disconcerted about tracer use.

* Tank machine guns are a little less accurate.

* Tanks use a new firing solution here, which most ppl prefer... guns use the 'blue bar' too. This means that tanks will not be able to fire shells whilst in the midst of an infantry battle. This has other implications too, but you'll find these out when you play 8)

* Shorter walls are crossable, however Non-Ranger units will slow down terribly.

(These adjustments make for some nice effects, lots of tracer fire during a battle looks kinda cool... but they also make for a kinder battle, its no a little easier to go up against a tank with infantry)


1. S2 - Soldiers only.

2. T2 - Tanks and a few soldiers.

3. Campaign - Tanks, Soldiers and Cannons.

4. Patrol - Elim on timid, up to 5 soldiers on legendary... also features a Stampede gave with POW's 8) and a BOP... my favourite game this.

5. Special Operation No.1 (Assault) - Uses US Ranger unit, Amphibious US assault on overwhelmingly powerful German Base.

6. Special Operation No.2 (Assassin) - Uses US Ranger unit, on a Stampede game. Because it is played on Stampede, its the team with the most Targets to reach the flag... each US Ranger and each German Dignitary is a target. Rangers must attempt to kill as many German dignitaries as they can before proceeding to the German held flag. Sounds complicated but once you have played it, it becomes obvious what has to be done 8) have fun on this...

A big thanks to Dank, Peacemaker and ozone for playtesting the map. Santa's Head for creating WWII on Myth (we would be lost without it). And everyone for creating an excellent gaming environment for Myth (including Bungie).

WWII Plugin created by Craig Goodman (Santa's Head)

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation, created with Bungie's
Fear and Loathing.

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