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February 21, 1916,
Two years into the war, France and Germany prepare to clash in what was to become of
the bloodiest and the most lethal battle of WW1; The battle of Verdun.
Betwen the usage of heavy artillery and toxic gas, 700 000 soldiers, French and German alike, lost their lives in 9 month of combat. Verdun will stay forever a symbol of heroism and suffering.

After 8 month of hard work, WWI: Verdun (v1.0) is finally born.

This plugin is an historic recreation even if the map isn't acurate geographicly.
The trenches, burnt trees, the noman'sland and the numerous cratters are all elements of a typical WWI battlefield.

• New features added:

- New French unit (text and voice in french)
- New German unit (text and voice in german)
- New WWI artillery (cannon)
- New grenades (French & German)
- New map items : trenches, barbwire, flags, med-spray, barrels...

• Gametype:

- Body count
- Capture The Flag
- Last Man On The Hill
- King Of The Hill
- Assassin
- Hunting
- Balls On Parade
- Territories

• Historic & technical specifications:

I've used real WWI historic photos to create the soldiers uniforms. French and German voices were used to create a feeling of authenticity. The technical paramaters of the units are also set to reflect the reality of a WWI weapon. (1 shot, no semi-auto).

The artillery is static, which means, the cannons are not mobile units. Just like in WWI, the range of the cannon is almost from one trench to the other making any assault outside of your camp very dangerous. Just like in the 1914-1918 war, the usage of toxic gas is available. Every cannon has 2 special ammo by using the "T" attack.

The meshes in this plugin is dynamicly affected by grenade and cannon explosions. Every impact will create a hole in the ground. As the game progress, the battlefield is filled with cratters. Every battle is unique making an excellent gameplay for this map.

WWI: Verdun (v1.0) is a fairly big and open map. The small village, the cemetery and of course the trenches are different locations of excellent stategic value. I hope you have as much fun playing this map as I have creating it !

Good game to all ! Thanks,

Juvin-Sabatier aka Galopiot

I would like to thank all who've help me in the process of creating the Verdun plug-in.

- Robert: For the traduction of german text and voices.
- Ewan: For testing the plug-in for The PC platform.
- Snowfrog: For beta testing over and over numerous beta of the map.
- Beber: For his moral support.
- And finally, I would like to thank my wife; Laty, for her patience and understanding.

Thanks to all the others! : Atomic, Blake Noble, Malfunkt, Soubrier Yannick...

P.S.: If you have any suggestions or commentary, please contact me by hotmail at;




"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corp."
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Galopiot (Frédéric Juvin-Sabatier)

© Notes for WWI: Verdun (v1.0) 02/JUL/2000

All original artwork and tags are ©Frederic Juvin-Sabatier aka Galopiot, and may not be used without his explicit written permission.


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thank's and good fight.

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