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Weirdobodomons Meshes Pack

This plugin is a set of meshes optimised slightly to make its correspondingly named plugin Weirdobodomons (final version 1.2 on the Mill) a little more fun to play.

It contains the whole single player campaign from Myth 2, with some minor scripting adjustments to take advantage of some new things in the Weirdobodomons plugin (from now on referred to as ÒWMÓ, to save on typing :), and some new/altered netmaps (none are truly new - weÕre leaving that for the users who are addicted to WM).

To use the single player meshes, take the ÒgameÓ prefs file included with this archive and replace your old one (leave a backup of you want). Select ÒUse single player mapsÓ in netgame options and youÕre set. For the netmaps, itÕs as easy as scrolling down the list and selecting a map with ÒWMÓ in front of the name. All WM meshes are purple.

The net meshes are as follows, with the following enhancements (note that ÒEnhancedÓ in a name might only mean one small change that makes WM work better... ;):

*Gyre in the Wabe: Removes spiders from the following game types - Balls on Parade, Captures, Flag rally, Scavenger Hunt.

*Raiding the Pathfinder: We realised that there were no maps with the WM Pathfinder Dwarf (Dwarven Shot-Put Champion), so we altered Raid on the Plains to make a little variant - No more Giant on this one, fewer melee units, no Mortar Dwarves, added Pathfinder. It lacks spiders in these game types - Balls on Parade, Captures, Flag rally, Scavenger Hunt.

* Raid on the Plains: This one is similar to Gyre above - Balls on Parade, Captures, Flag rally, Scavenger Hunt have all been removed. DonÕt just skip it, though. I agree that normal Raid is something along the lines of OMG DIS SUX0RZ, but this is especially interesting with the altered Krid Giant and other units (like the Mauls with their special ability...).

* The Untamed Soulfestª: This is a variant of The Untamed Lands, only itÕs been altered to have a majority of Soulless (Inter-Continental Ballistic Soulless). ItÕs quite interesting, and sometimes frustrating, as my ordermate Skarg found out on a few occasions... ;)

* The Badlands: Same as Raid and Gyre above. The following game types have been removed - Balls on Parade, Captures, Flag rally, Scavenger Hunt.

* The Drowned Kingdom (Slugfest): This has all the standard game types on The Drowned Kingdom, but the unitset is more towards Slugfest (or JMK, or whatever you call it...). It has extra units like Warriors on Legendary, to add to the explosive mix (if WM is enabled). ItÕs been officially approved by at least one Slugfest phr34k, so itÕs worth a look.

* IÕll Fall on Your Grave: Has only one small fix. Due to the design of the Target Dummies in WM, itÕs possible that one particular team wonÕt get eliminated when all their units get destroyed. This solves the problem.

* IÕll Fall on Your Spiderweb: Has the fix from Grave above, as well as the removal of spiders as per Gyre, Raid and Badlands above for these game types - Balls on Parade, Captures, Flag rally, Scavenger Hunt.

Since I didnÕt do it above, hereÕs my reason for getting rid of the spiders from those game types: ItÕs only fun for one player when they are there. Why? Because one particular player in a couple of games (hehehe... ;) got maximum spiders and won the game in under 3 minutes on various meshes and it was decided that we should make a variant on each of those meshes so that itÕs fair for everyone. If you still arenÕt sure, you need to play a map with spiders. It should click, especially when you play Steal the Bacon... ;D

Credits go to all who have contributed to my knowledge of BungieÕs fantastic tools Fear and Loathing and to my ordermates for putting up with me and testing with me. Thanks, guys! :D

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:

Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with BungieÕs Fear and Loathing by: Danya Rose (aka lank), lank69@geocities.com

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