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Thank you for downloading this plugin

Who Made this?


Special thanks to :

- Colormap/units/betatest
Soma - thanks for the Textures
Magelan - You exelent tutorial
Vista Cartel - your tutorials and macjade
Bungie - fear and loadthing ah and myth II :)
Snper Rfle - for... ummmmm ... ::scraches head:: hmmm nothing really

Where can i send this comments for this stupid map?

Send all comments/viruses/hatemail to bnetslayer@yahoo.com

Where's the fine print?

Sirius recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics 1997-1999, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the Software made with Fear and/or Loathing and/or other Bungie products, tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use of those software products. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing 1996-1999. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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