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 Vivid, final version
by DeadMan of the Mything In Action Cartography Brigade (www.m-i-a.net/cb)

A new map for Myth: The Fallen Lords -----

Vivid was designed to be a mainstream map, and all around great to play. While unique in it's layout, Vivid utilizes proven concepts of design that make maps fun. Many aspects of your most favorite maps, For Carnage Apply Within, I'll Dance On Your Grave, and Creep on the Borderlands, were studied and implemented on this map to make a playing experience you will never forget. The map was designed to fit in right with the rest of the Bungie maps; you will feel right at home the first time you play the map.

Six Different Meshes -----

A Vivid Struggle (4 team):
A large light set (similar to Carnage Light) with armies in the four corners. Supports all gameytpes including KotH, as well as veterans unit trading.

A Vivid Dilemma (5 team):
A large dark unit set with a center start (outlying starts are in corners). Supports most gametypes (except KotH), veterans and unit trading. Set to Normal difficulty for no Grub Wights, Heroic for one, and Legendary for two.

A Vivid Thrashing (5 team):
A Ghols vs. Dwarves riot map with dwarves in the four corners, one ghol start in the center. The more dwarf starts that show up, the more ghols the center gets. Set to higher difficulties for special units on both sides. does not support BC, CtF, BoP, KotH or unit trading. Supports veterans.

A Vivid Struggle (5 team):
Traditional Slugfest with a center start; 5 dwarves, 20 thrall, 4 wights. Set to Legendary difficulty for a free journeyman. Supports most gametypes (except KotH) and veterans, however not unit trading. Auto-Kick on StB and Captures.

A Vivid Frenzy (8 team):
Unit set compliments of ChrisP of Project Magma, this unit set is exactly the same as Sluglords: Anarchy in the nity3 plugin (www.projectmagma.net). Small slugfest set with special units per team as difficulty level increases. Does not support BC, CtF, BoP or unit trading. Support veterans. Auto-Kick on StB and Captures.

A Vivid Panic (8 team):
A medium sized light set. Supports most gametypes (except KotH), unit trading and veterans.

More information at-----


Thank you's-----

-The Project MAGMA team (and specifically ChrisP, Oroboros, and Losk), for giving me many of the skills I have today, as well as letting me use some of the units they converted from Myth II. I would also like to thank them for helping me beta test this thing, and for their extremely valuable input.
-MIA (and specifically Evil, Propain, Cool Man, S'phtman, Dharmabutt, Faast and Scrapnjack), for helping me beta test, as well as for their gameplay-related feedback.
-The creators of MythTech, Textura, Bartok, Mythed, Brimstone, Hexedit, Headedit, Amber, Jade, Despair, and many others, for which this map would not exist without.
-And lastly, and of course not leastly, Bungie for making the damn game in the first place =)

DeadMan recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics 1997-1999, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing 1996-1999. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.
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