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March 13, 2003

To Whom It May Concern,

Due to the complete disappearance of the Vista Map Cartel, and after receiving no reply
from Pythos or Vodi, I am posting this Vista file that was freely available from the
now defunct Vista Map Cartel web site.

I did not have anything to do with creating or testing this file - I am doing this solely
as a service to the Myth Community after becoming aware of several requests for the
excellent Vista Myth Tools - and of course the Butterfly and Sheep units! - which many
of us have squirreled away on our hard drives.

But rather than have them disappear over time or appear in random pieces here and there,
I thought they should be included as neat packages in the vast collection of The Mill to
serve current and future Myth Map Makers and Players in the spirit of the game that Vista
was so much a part.

They are, after all, a part of the Legacy of Myth.

:: Wipes away tear ::

With that in mind, if any members of the Vista Map Cartel wish for this to not be made
publicly available via The Mill as it once was via the Vista Map Cartel, please e-mail
me and I will remove the posting as soon as possible.

We miss you guys!

I'm posting the following .zip files (sorry guys, no Mac access for making .sit files):

Vista Units:

VistaButterfly.zip - The oh-so-colorful (and vicious if startled) Butterfly!
VistaSheep.zip - Dang, these guys are *fun* to blow up too! ;)

Vista Tools:

VistaTools_Mac.zip - Amber 2.0b6, Apathy 1.0, MacJade, PluginPatcher, Tag Extractor
VistaTools_PC.zip - PluginPatcher, Tahoe 1.1, Topaz 1.1, WinJade
VistaTFLTools_PC.zip - Packer, Sapphire

Baak'lor ~ Order of H'Pak
baak@orderofhpak.com ~ www.orderofhpak.com

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