; Mythgraveyard

Village of Warriors 1.0 by Infector

Basemap: Crows Bridge

New Units:
-Spearman-soulblighter but not as strong

-Mutated Archers-souless who have the ability to shoot flamming arrows that down short out
in wet or windy conditions

-Pousinous Spyders-spiders that are stronger and have the ability to poisin

-Butchers-villagers that throw ghol cleaver blades

Max Number of players:5

Games Avalible for play:
-Body Count
-Last Man on The Hill
-Scavenger Hunt
-Flag Rally
Term of Agreement, Must Agree to these:

1. You will not claim this map as your own or just replace the units and say its yours
2. You will not play this map or the units on bungie.net unless bungie.net says you are allowed to
3. Send Me e-mail of how my map is and the changes i should make to:"infector_96@yahoo.com" (Without Quotations(
1. Place the contents of the mesh folder into your mesh folder
2. Place the contents of the stli folder into your stli foder
3. Place the mons folder into your local folder which is loacted inside your tags folder
4. Place the unit folder into your local folder which is located inside your tags folder

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