; Mythgraveyard

This is pretty much a preview of some of the units which will be
appearing in our map good morning vietnam. These are not copied
from anyone and have been completely made from scratch (except
the soldier sprites of course, but we have modified all frames
we're using so they're at least half ours). Although i won't be
going into great detail on unit specs right now, because this is
just a preview and much of it was put in for fun, heres a list
of the units i can remember being put in here: 2 types of field
artillery, M60s, Marines, Vietnamese, AH-1 Cobras (brand new
sprites from last time), very modified combat engineers and 2
types of snipers. We're still going to make a ton of refinements
and, if we can, new unit sprites, so don't make any suggestions
on what you think it should be like cause we have probably already
fixed it. Because we were testing some new weapons out at the
time, there are a few little secrets in this, but nothing too
major. Right now, all the normal troops are pretty weak, which
will be changed later, and much of the visual effects will also
be different. All of the units have their own unique attributes
too, which makes strategies a little more diverse. On our later
plugins/maps, we will be making all of the units a little more
realistic (bullets do more damage, guns less accurate etc), so
don't complain about that either

All you have to remember when you play this, is that it
was not intended, right now at least, to be a serious plugin.
Quite frankly we don't really care what you think of it, it is
very fun to play, and is definitely worth the download.

My recommendations (there are other cool ones i'm sure but i
know these are fun to play with it):

willow creek
stair of grief
clash in the cloudspine
twice born
gonens bridge
into the breach
landing at white falls
the wall (hilarious)
walls of murithemne
proving grounds (shoot at annoying villagers)

i know these are pretty fun maps, but don't hesitate to try more.
all of them should work as far as i know, but some using artifacts
might not work.

Known bugs:
may cause crashes because of too many projectiles on
the screen (the basic attack consists of 4 different projectiles
which seems to take up a lot of space, and the fact that there are
so many units in regular myth sometimes maxes them quickly)
projectiles may disappear or not appear at all because of
the above too.
sounds on pcs don't seem to work as good as on macs, what
sounds like a scream on a mac sounds like a moan on a pc...

eh copyright my ass, copyrights are lame, this is a game not a courthouse

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