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          Vietnam v1.0

Mara Jade



- An original mesh by Mara Jade.
- Utilizes the Soldier Unit by Santa's Head.
- Based on actual satellite maps of Vietnam.
- Variations on the KOTH and Assassin game types.



Vietnam requires the WWII Unit plugin by Craig Goodman (Santa's Head).

Drop the file named MJ_Vietnam_v1 into your plugins folder

Make sure to activate the WWII Unit plugin before playing Vietnam.



Starting Locations:

- Base Camp : 2 starting locations
- Free Fire Zone : 4 starting locations
- Search & Destroy : 8 starting locations
- In the Field : 15 starting locations (3 Soldiers)
- A.W.O.L. : 15 starting locations (1 Soldier)


- Timid : Minimum "Recon" Supplies
- Simple : Medium "Recon" Supplies
- Normal : Maximum "Recon" Supplies
- Heroic : Maximum "Recon" Supplies + Minimum "Titan" Supplies
- Legendary : Maximum "Recon" Supplies + Maximum "Titan" Supplies




- Textures and related are copyright Mara Jade


- Soldier Unit copyright Craig Goodman (Santa's Head)
- Turtle Unit copyright Leadfeather


- Assassin wander by Lan (Mandragoran)


- Palm Tree by Lan (Mandragoran)
- Destroyable foliage by Lan (Mandragoran)

Vietnam Photographs:

- All photographs are either copyright Robert J. George or in the public domain.

Beta Testers:

Members of Sociopathic (, Members of Clain Plaid #CP#, Members of Geezers from Hell (gzr), Popeye, SaMBoY, Vigilante, Poindexter. All others that I've failed to mention, thanks for your help!

Created Using:

- Fear & Loathing by Bungie
- Adobe Photoshop 5
- Metacreations' Bryce 4
- Tag Extractor & Amber by Vodi
- Graphic Converter



I would like to extend big thanks to Santa's Head for creating such a fun twist to Myth gameplay. He has rekindled my interest in Myth and turned me into a Bungie.net addict! Thanks also for giving me early access to the titan's unit plugin and for your kind words about my map.

More big thanks go to Lan, the love of my life, who has worked very hard to do all the various aspects of mapmaking that I didn't have the know-how or desire to complete myself.


Website: http://www.dragonworld.com/mara/vietnam/
Feedback: vietnam@dragonworld.com

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation, created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Kimiye Welch (Mara Jade)

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