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Vessel, version 2.0

by DeadMan of the Mything In Action Cartography Brigade (www.m-i-a.net/cb)

A new map for Myth: The Fallen Lords -----

The Vessel was designed from the ground up with gameplay taking priority over all other considerations. The map has been planned in such a way as to promote very interesting fights and battles (much like Bungie's map, For Carnage Apply Within), and features several different meshes for ffa and team play, with a wide selection of units. The Vessel also features a quality, handcrafted colormap. Natural colors and breathtaking views compliment the already rich and diverse playing experience.

Different Meshes -----

Ensnared in The Vessel (2 team):
Large 2 team sets in corners of the map. This version has altered point values for jmen, archers and dwarfs, however the units are not edited in any other way.

Cornerned in The Vessel (4 team):
Large size ffa setup with starts in the corners, with light-ish units. Normal unit trading points.

Tangled in The Vessel (5 team):
Medium size ffa setup with starts at the top, bottom, sides and middle. Dark-ish set, with normal trading points.

Trapped in The Vessel (8 team):
Small size ffa setup with starts all around the edge (corners, top, bottom, and sides). Normal trading points.

More information at-----


Thank you's-----

MIA: for helping beta test this thing, and for valuable input.
uDogs: for also helping to beta test, and for their input (especially ChrisP and Oroboros)
the MAGMA team: for molding me into a TFL mapmaker =)
the creators of MythTech, Textura, Bartok, Mythed, Brimstone, Hexedit, Headedit, Amber, Jade, Despair, and many others, for which this map would not exist without.

DeadMan recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics 1997-1999, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing 1996-1999. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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