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Verdae Claim

This plug-in was created to showcase the fabulous work done by Rohan Mor, Pope, Monte MoR, and Rutanicus of KRO. I salute their efforts and respective contributions, as I am sure you will when you have played these maps.

Long before there was a computer game for mechs, and long before many of the Myth players of today were even born, there was a board game that ruled the tabletop gaming industry: Battletech! This plug-in is designed to bring the glory of that board game to the Myth community. The terrain is designed to maximize the combat capabilities of the ultimate monster machines, the scenery crumbles when blasted by the mighty weapons of war, and the jockies reign supreme on the battlefield of the future...

The outland colonies of Verdae have long been the focus of heated feuds amongst the bandit lords of the quadrant. Vast deposits of Pyrogum on the northern continent fetch rich profits for the master of those claims, and for those rewards the lords endlessly contend...

War has become a fact of daily life on Verdae, and with it has come the industry of war. Mech jockies and tech jockies are precious commodities, almost as valuable as the scavenged parts of mechs lost in battle. The Pyrogum found on Verdae is a rich prize, but the business of defending or "acquiring" a claim is the true blood of commerce.

This is a collection of meshes featuring the MythWarrior Mechs created by Rohan of Mor. This plug-in now ties those awesome units with many of the unique features of the Battletech board game from back in the day. Movement penalties for elevation changes and terrain types, destructible scenery, and a mesh designed specifically to optimize the experience of mech combat add to the flavor which is sure to blossom into a genre of its own.

---------- Meshes:
All meshes share the same terrain, and all meshes also have common game types, and start locations, with slight variances (see below for details).
-- "Scouts" is a six-start mesh with each team having their choice of one of the three varieties of x1 mechs (missile, pulse laser, or mortar).
-- "Lances" is the small team version of this map. It has 4 starts and a small, easy to manage selection of units.
-- "Squads" is the large 2-team mesh with some 30 total units per team. This is a mesh designed for more than one player per team -- but it also designed for maximum carnage!

---------- Games:
Assassin (see below for targets)
Body Count
Capture the Flag (only on "Lances" and "Squads")
Last Man on the Hill

---------- Units:
The following units are available on "Lances":
ETB -- 1
Juggernaut (S1) -- 1
Missile (X1) -- 1/3
Plasma Mortar (X1) -- 1/3*
Pulse Laser (X1) -- 1/3
Stealth (M1) -- 0/4

Assassin target is plasma mortar mech (2 on normal or below difficulty, 3 on heroic and 4 on legendary). Morts are non-tradable on Assassin.

The following units are available on "Squads":
ETB -- 2/3
Juggernaut (S1) -- 1/2
Missile (X1) -- 3/6
Plasma Mortar (X1) -- 3/6*
Pulse Laser (X1) -- 3/6
Missile (M1) -- 4/8
Stealth (M1) -- 2/6

Assassin target is plasma mortar mech (2 on normal or below difficulty, 4 on heroic and 6 on legendary). Morts are non-tradable on Assassin.

The following units are available on "Scouts":
Missile (X1) -- 0/1
Plasma Mortar (X1) -- 1/1
Pulse Laser (X1) -- 1
Stealth (M1) -- 0/2

Assassin target is plasma any "X1" mech (M1s are not).

--------- Here are a few details to check out on this map:
-- Trees slow you down and serve as partial protection. Right now I am using "basic birch" and "basic sugar maple," from the standard tags, though they are reduced in size (40% of normal). The birch is NOT a solid object, so it constitutes the bulk of the inside of forests. This gives the illusion of thickness. The sugar maple is solid, so it blocks shots and mech movement. However, the actual slowing of the mech is done with terrain passability ("sloped" is used for "light woods" and allows 80% speed, while "steep" is used for "heavy woods" and allows 65% speed). All stand alone trees or small copses are sugar maple.

-- Water slows you down and serves as partial protection. I changed the projectile tags so only missals and jugger cannon can penetrate water -- so a mech can most often seek safety in deep water. Water also slows units: 80% speed in dwarf depth, 65% speed in human, and 50% speed in all other depths.

-- Unlike the combination of hills and ranged units on most other maps, here the mix of line of sight and arcing attacks and the design of the hills themselves provides a rather unique kind of game play. Use the hills to your best advantage, since they were designed for that very purpose...

-- The "M1" stealth units are just about impossible to spot in woods, so they allow for excellent ambushes. They come into their own on this map.

-- My personal favorite game on this plug is "Lances" Assassin on legendary. The "X1" Mortars provide excellent cover fire, but are relatively weak when confronted close range. The stealth units make excellent hunters and spotters, and a player can adapt a slow, defensive strategy with a Juggernaut, or a quick hunting strategy with a collection of x1 chassis. Check this variant out on legendary difficulty, where the teams each get 4 "X1" Mortars -- ItŐs a real tense game!

Thanks to Rohan Mor, Pope, and Monte MoR for the units, scenery and sounds. Special thanks to Rohan for his letting me use his mechs! Thanks to Rutanicus of KRO for additional ambient sounds, and thanks to my dedicated beta testers: Rutanicus, Layz, and Radicus!

Thanks to Charles Holt for the Myth II Handbook.

Thanks to my boss for letting me make Myth maps at work.

Thanks to my wife for letting me idle my life away playing games.

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by:

Knights of the Red Order

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