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Venice (Dark) ░Sage░ Created by: Jeffrey R Iverson (Alias) Grim Reaper ░Sage░

This is a remade version of the Bungie map Venice. The
mesh itself is only slightly modified. The height in
some places is higher. The rest remaines the same. The biggest
difference is that most of the units are (Dark units) and or (Hero units).

Games include Body Count,
Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, Territories, Captures,
Capture the Flag, Balls on Parade, King of the Hill, Flag Rally, Hunting, Scavenger Hunt, and
Assassin. The Assassin unit is the The Myrkridian Giant heavy thrower.

This map was made with Fear and Loathing, Fear and Loathing is
a trademark¬ of Bungie Software. All Rights Reserved.

Date: 10/09/1999

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