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LAҶACValley of Ruin, final version
by DeadMan of the Mything In Action Cartography Brigade (www.m-i-a.net/cb)

A new map for Myth: The Fallen Lords -----

Valley of Ruin was designed to be a strong addition to the maps allready played on Myth: TFL. Huge amounts of attention have been given to quality and detail of the map, and not just in the creation of the environment and appearance; You will also find the gameplay to be high quality, not unlike several of Bungie's maps. Unit passability and water depth, in addition to other features of the map have been optimized for fluid movement of troops, and a great playing experience.

Four Different Meshes -----

The Last Stand (2 team):
A large two team map with the "Creep on the Borderlands" unit set. Archers have been traded out for soulless to take better advantage of the terrain.

Unknown Destruction (4 team):
A large unit set with a center start (outlying starts are in a triangle formation). A "hero" set with Trow, Berzerk Heros, Archer Heros, Dwarf Mortar Heros, Stygian Knights and lots of spiders. Myth 2 units courtesy of Project MAGMA (www.udogs.net/magma).

Endless Downfall (5 team):
A medium sized setup using the "I'll Dance On Your Grave" unit set. Archers have been traded out for soulless to take better advantage of the terrain.

Blaze of Fury (8 team):
A small, mixed set (both "light" and "dark" units) and similar to the 8-team set in The Vessel. No trow this time, however, but you get more units.

More information at-----


Thank you's-----

-The Project MAGMA team (and specifically ChrisP, Oroboros, and Losk), for giving me many of the skills I have today, as well as letting me use some of the units they converted from Myth II. I would also like to thank them for helping me beta test this thing, and for their extremely valuable input.
-MIA/FoG (and specifically Owl Boy, Evil, Woof, and Crow), for helping me beta test, as well as for their gameplay-related feedback.
-Thoran (of Badlands), for making the beautiful trees that make this map look so wonderful (and for letting me use them).
-The creators of MythTech, Textura, Bartok, Mythed, Brimstone, Hexedit, Headedit, Amber, Jade, Despair, and many others, for which this map would not exist without.
-And lastly, and of course not leastly, Bungie for making the damn game in the first place =)

DeadMan recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics 1997-1999, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing 1996-1999. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.
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