; Mythgraveyard

Valley of Death

This is my first real attempt at a well balanced fully complete map for myth 2.
There are 3 start locations on this map. Most of the included game types you can
get fetch, soulless, thrall, and spiders. The 2 exceptions are hunting and Body

Hunting on this map is quite different than other maps, in that there is only 1
target. Not only that but it's a Trow and it runs away! So it is probably more
of a last man standing, although I think it is also fun to play catch the trow.
The units for hunting are Myrkridia, Berzerkers and souless.

Body count is locks only, done in the style of GFG, with 1 lock on each
team for timid, and adding one for each difficulty level up to 5 for legendary.
I'd like to make a note here that this was done on body count only rather than
making a separate map with many game types because I believe games of this style
(aka gfg, recon and patrol) should only be BC if killing the enemy is the only
objective, which it is in these types of maps.

I'd like to thank you for downloading this and I hope you like it. I would
appreciate any criticism (just send it to thenaked@nakednorsemen.net) and/or
ideas to improve this map. Special thanks to my order mate GodBody for the
pregame image. Hope to see you all on Bungie.net.

Wight Trash

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Wight Trash.

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