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Welcome soldier to Unreal Gladiator! Get ready to experience the adrenaline pumping TC of the year! Prepare your rocket launcher(or sniper rifle) and get ready to blow things up!


Take one of the best First Person Shooter of all time, UnrealTournament, add in everyone's favorite game, Myth, and mix them up, and what you make is a fast paced strategy/action game.

Unreal Gladiator is all about short, furious, fun games. With over 6 weapons to choose from, 14 maps and 3 complete new gametypes, UnrealMyth will make you stay on your computer chair for hours.

A year ago, I released MythUnrealTournament, but seeing that it had many problems, I decided to remake it. It's now bug free and balanced!


Capture the Flag: This is capture the flag that everyone knows in a real FPS. Capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base.

Kill the man with the ball: This is a cool gametype that was in Marathon. Pick up the ball to gain time. Simple?


Sniper: Long range, 2 shots kill. Can we say "Headshot!"

Rocket Launcher: It shoots rocket, blows them up and spreads blood all over the place.

Machinegun: Very high rate of fire for a short time. A medium range weapon.

Pulserifle: Shoots powerful plasma ball at a medium speed in bursts. Deadly at close to medium range.

Ripper: Very high speed rotating razors doing medium damage. Can bounce off walls. Medium to long range weapon.

Flakcannon: This is Unreal's shotgun, it almost never miss, but does very little at long range and very much at point blank.

Impact Hammer: UnrealGladiator's melee weapon. Deadly.

Assault Rifle: Short bursts of bullet fire. Grenade launcher and ammo included at no extra cost!

Mercenaries: They can cloak themselves using the taunt command. Their weapon is an automatic sniper rifle.

Maps: (variants not included in this list.)

Forteress: Grass, plains, trees, bushes, two bases. Perfect map for Capture the flag. Designed to be played on Deathmatch.

Somewhere in Ocean: A map made by Zephirus. Set on a beach, Has Kill the man with the ball. Designed to be played on Deathmatch.

Seven Dead Lies: A map made by Amadeus. Set in a castle's catacomb (some say its the Baron's hiding place).

Scar Tissue: Made by Remedial. This map is set in a swampy terrain with meteor craters. Very good for 8vs8 action.

Gladiator : Colormap made by Remedial, models by Zephirus. Small arena with cheering peasants. Made for ultra fast action. Can we say h00ring?


A big thank to everyone who has helped making this, Captain Trips (Amadeus) for an awesome map, Remedial for a bunch of maps, Cart for endless testing (he got sick of it), ShiverS for one level and Strangelet, who helped me starting this. All the betatesters, Wismuth, Mate, Remedial, and everyone in Renaissance.
Maps: Remedial, Amadeus and Zephirus.
Units: Zephirus
Fear: Zephirus
Sounds: Epic Games, Cart, Zephirus and our cool marine sounds by Lank!

Brought to you by Renaissance.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Zephirus
Unreal Tournament is copyrighted by Epic Games.

name on playmyth.net : Zephirus
name has a mapmaker : Zephirus
login : zephirus



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