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Undoubted Shenanigan v1.2
Thx for your download!
(I am Japanese high school student.Sorry for My Engilish is awkward.)

The Beginning
With my breathing hole to examination,I touched My Macintosh and looked for files.
I founded queer units whom I made by Fear.
They was interesting well to play senario.
I remembered...I have been lively making map.
and I made this.

Unit Description
Galer Default Unit
Based on Bru'nor.He can use melee attack only.
He have VERY-VERY high speed foots,but his damage and vitality is very low.
I think that his forte is reconnaissance.

Dwarf Sword Default Unit
Based on Dwarf,but he is melee unit.
His damage is very high,and he is tough guy.
His Special Ability is "EX Burning".his sathel set fire field.

Summoner Famulus Cost:3
Based on Myrkridia.
His main is long attack,it's throwing a bullet.its attribute is explosion attack.
His Special Ability is throwing parasys bullet.it is used once.
if enemy become acquainted with him.Use double Click.

Little Wham Cost:2
Based on Trow.
First,he is small.Attack and others is likely Myrmidon.
His Vitality is low for a moment,
and He have a little tolerance from lightning and explosion

And Thrall get more vitality.Jorneyman have tolerance from lightning.
Fetch,Berserk and Myrkridia Giant is neutral.

Legendly Dwarf Default Unit
Version History
v1.2 (00/10/15)
Added godly Assasin.

v1.1 (00/10/14)
Changed more.

v1.03 (00/9/13)
Little Wham was stronger than old,and up cost:2

v1.02 (00/9/10)
Summoner Famulus's Special Ability was more mana cost than old.
Dwarf Sword's Special Abitily's range was longer than old.

v1.01 (00/9/2)
Little Wham's Vitality was more than old
Sathel on Ground(on fire) become setting on fire

v1.00 (00/8/30)
Changed pre-pic.

v0.9 (00/8/30)
Little Wham was made,and set on map.
Spiders was drained from this map

v0.6`0.8 (00/8/29)
My beautiful memory...

v0.5 (00/8/29)
Changed pre-pic

v0.2`0.4 (00/8/28)

v0.1 (00/8/28)
I founded some files.use it for making beta map.
İBungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

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