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Urtus Masch Action Pack
by: *Ar-Isildur of ∆WP∆ (superissy9@yahoo.com)

I. Background
II. Installation
III. The Variants
IV. Credits

I. Background

When I first started working on UMAP sometime in the middle of August '99 I knew almost nothing on map-making. Magellan just happened to be nice enough to let me in on a project that he had been working on for awhile.
At the time, the entire bog project was only 1 plugin with 3 variants. Remembering the huge amount of fun I had with Dwarf and Ghol riot in TFL, I suggested he put in Dwarf and Ghol riot. Magellan, being the nice guy he is, let me do it myself.

For a long time there were grand plans to make 3 plugins based on the urtus masch mesh. One with 2 team variants, this plugin, and a WWII plugin. However, the 2 team and the WWII have pretty much been discontinued. They may be finished some day ...

II. Installation

1. Unstuff UMAP.
2. Stick the unstuffed file into your plugins folder.

III. Variants

Ah yes, where WOULD Myth be without units?


Dwarf Riot: 14 starting locations, each team has 5 original dwarven pathfinders.
Many thanks to El Bastard for allowing me to use his great port of the original TFL pathfinder!

Ghol Riot: 14 starting locations, each team with 6 ghol rioters.
Ghol rioters are virtually the same as regular except for one difference. When carrying an item, you must T CLICK to throw the item, otherwise the rioter will attack with his cleaver. It saves a lot of headaches by not having all your ghols unload their payload at another lone enemy ghol. :)

Note: Due to the INSIGNIFICANT amount of damage ghol cleavers usually do when thrown in MythII, I have upped the damage a bit. It plays much better.

Wolfpack Riot: 14 starting locations, 6 wolves, 1 wight, and 4 bre'unor per team.
This variant is dedicated to my beloved order, the Wolfpack. This variant sports a rather unique style of play as you must take full advantage of the breunor's long range attack and the wolves' superior melee power, but less health. A clever player can wreak utter DEVASTATION upon another player with one nicely hidden wight.

Light Riot: 14 starting locations, 3 archers, 1 dwarf, 1 jman, 4 warriors per team
A very fun variant which implements traditional light units, which have never been seen before with this many teams. Try it, you may thoroughly enjoy it. :)

Dark Riot: 14 starting locations, 2 fetch, 1 dwarf hero, 6 herons, 4 mauls per team.
This variant sports a selection very much like gyre (with the exception of the dwarf). Be prepared to try new strategies though, as sometimes it plays very unlike gyre.

Numbskull Riot: 14 starting locations, 1 myrk giant, 6 myrks, 1 heron hero
This is for all of you raid players out there, and for other people who would love to see 14 giants on the battlefield at once. The 6 myrkridia and heron hero appear only when the difficulty level is set on legendary, since I know lots of players prefer to only use the giant and not the other stuff

All meshes have scripted sporadic rainfall. For some meshes this has little effect. But for meshes like Dwarf Riot ... expect to be throwing some nonlethal bottles.

IV. Credits

Thanks again to El Bastard for allowing me to use his pathfinder tags. They truly made Dwarf Riot happen.
Thanks Magellan for allowing me to use the bog map as a basis for this whole plugin, especially the color map!
Thanks to all of my beta testers for helping me work out all the bugs in the betas with such helpful comments as "WTF!? I GET NO MAULS!?", etc.

UMAP is a product of *Ar-Isildur(superissy9@yahoo.com). You may not use any of his ultra special tags without his permission. Any violation of this disclaimer will result in instant death by loud and obnoxious sobbings from *Ar-Isildur. Have a heart! :(

MythII, Loathing, and Fear are trademarks of Bungie.

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