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Ultimate Territories: Winter »–)›

by Cŕtrcher »–)› »ŠthrallŠ› © 2001Š6Š3

Ultimate Terries is a kind of game I recently developed. The flags in Territories have always marked odd or useless areas on the map where owning a territory would not really matter in a battle, the point of the game. Furthermore, they are only marked by distant flags which barely stand for the full area they mark.

With these considerations in mind, I designed Ultimate Terries, where there are many more terries flags which are placed in strategically and tactically important locations across the map.

Ultimate Territories: Winter »–)›

This is the second consecutive map pack in the series of Ultimate Territories. The meshes include original Winter units, true Light, true Dark, and Grey versions, which are all Team and have corresponding Small versions for 1-versus-1 play.

•Ultimate Territories: Winter »–)›

This mesh has the regular Winter unit setup.

•Ultimate Territories: Winter -Light »–)›

What I meant by "true Light" was that the units are all truly Light units, not a combination of Light and Dark, like all maps are. This kind of new balance has always been something I've wanted.

•Ultimate Territories: Winter -Dark »–)›

Equally, Dark is a true Dark, sporting all Dark units. Also added to this mesh is the new unit of the Dark Journeyman. This undead and (definitely) former member of the Heron Guard is much like a Thrall but can heal other units as well (so pussin's a-still happenin'!)

•Ultimate Territories: Winter -Grey »–)›

The misfit and forgotten units dominate this map. It consists of all the units which never were purely Light or Dark, such as Trow and Warlocks, and has other odd units which also don't seem to fit into true Light or true Dark. Don't forget your Mahir!

Enjoy! Please, send feedback to archerous@yahoo.com.

-Cŕtrcher »–)›


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All specialities and differences by Cŕtrcher »–)› © 2001
Ultimate Territories »–)› by Cŕtrcher »–)› © 2001

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