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Hemocryonics UBER (big) FIX  v1.0

This plugin enhances many of the games fetures to be all around better. It encreases the size of the explosions in the game and the number of projectiles such as blood and guts to a much more reallistic sizes. The many explosions in the game now leave small craters and more scars. The gameplay is not changed in anyway (ideal for those who wish to get a better myth II experience without cheating). This plugin is not highly recomended for players with slower computers. Gaming is best when as much memory is free as possible. If you wish to use tags directly from my plugin please e-mail me first and tell me what you wish to do with it and I will most likely let you use it. To use this plugin for solo playing put the folder intitled "local" into your myth II folder. For co-ops or multi player games drop the plugin into your plugins folder.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or have noticed anything wrong with my plugin I would be most grateful is you would contact me at Hemocryonic@hotmail.com
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