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"UGR Tagset" 1.0 ~ by Baak

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak.
Last Updated: 2005/12/16

After delving deep into the depths of Myth Magick, I bring you:

The "Uber Ghol Riot" Tagset! :D

Now you can play UGR on literally hundreds of maps!




In the tradition of all Ghol Riot maps, but especially those from "Myopia" and
"Mudpit Mega Mix", I've created what may well be the end-all Ghol Riot game:

At the start of the game the UGR projectiles are *randomly scattered around
the ENTIRE map*! Watch them drop from the sky after five seconds and magically
transform into things to throw! They are carefully proportioned to give more
of certain types of objects, and - well, THIS IS JUST SO DANG FUN YOU SHOULD

EXCEPT you might want to READ THIS FIRST:


* SHIELD SPHERES - Pick one up and suddenly you're tougher to blow up! You can
still be turned to stone, pussed, and hacked to bits though - and like most
other UGR Goodies(tm), there are duds (these do *not* make you tougher but
look the same). The Spheres themselves cannot be destroyed and are light to
toss. ***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to DISCARD a Shield Sphere***

* FIRE ARROWS - Fling these puppies at your enemy - they can travel further
than most other UGR Goodies(tm) and occasionally go out mid-flight (pffft!)
***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to toss a Fire Arrow***

* HEALING WATERMELONS - Watermelons "Group Heal" (as in Myopia). Heal a bunch
of your units (get them close together first) or yourself (i.e. a lone ghol)
by T-clicking the GROUND near the target(s) with the melon toss. You can
also use them to heal wights (or enemies you feel guilty about hurting).
Occasionally they dud into a pile of watermelon chunks...
***NOTE: Use your Special Attack (T) to toss a Healing Melon***

HEALING MELON TIP: Heal Stoned Units to bring them back to life! :D


* STONE PUMPKINS - Hit an enemy with one of these babies and watch as they
turn to stone before your very eyes! Can be healed with melons to bring them
back to the living. If you miss, Stone Pumpkins crumble into powder. If they
dud, they crumble into large chunks. Sometimes you can stone more than one
unit if they are crowded close together and you're lucky. Note: Pumpkins are
somewhat magical and tend to "float" further than other Goodies when thrown,
but their radius-of-effect is more narrow.

* PICKLE O' DEATH - This is one briny treat! Toss these smokin' cukes at your
enemies with relish! ;)

* EXPLODING DORF HEADS - Packed full of who-knows-what kind of explosives,
these are both grim and deadly with a tendency to bounce and behave a bit
like... well... a Dorf head full of explosives. If one duds at your feet,
pick it up and *toss it back* at your enemy! :D

* MORTAR ROUNDS - Think of these as the Mortar Rounds that didn't pass the
most stringent Dorf Quality Assurance tests. The damage they dish out is
more variable (a 100% healthy Ghol can sometimes survive a direct hit).
Pure duds crumble like charcoal...

* PUS PACKETS - Ah... a Ghol's Best Friend! ;)

* DORF SATCHELS - Best used by targeting them on the ground, but in UGR these
are *much* lighter and can be tossed about the same distance as everything
else - muhahahahahaaaa...

* GHOL CLEAVERS - Can be used as a last-ditch-effort when thrown...

* BEACHBALLS - Every now and then you'll find one of these on the field - I've
reworked them to actually behave like a beachball (unlike the original)! ;)

Most of the UGR Goodies(tm) can dud and many of them can "come back to life"
after dudding and/or bouncing. Just a little bit of UGR wackiness to keep life
interesting. So if a dud lands at your feet and you are unarmed, it might be a
really good idea to pick it up and chuck it back at your enemy! :)

Also Ghols will drop whatever Goodie they are carrying when killed - with the
exception of Healing Melons and Stone Pumpkins.

Be careful when tossing something at Dorf Heads or Mortar Rounds sitting on
the ground - they just might go flying *before* they explode! Of course, this
is yet another aspect of UGR you can use strategically to your advantage.

In addition to the Ghol description changing to include a hint as to what you
are carrying - i.e. "Ghol (w/Melon)" - I also made it so that you can see the
item you are carrying in your Status Bar. :)

*** Baak's Quick UGR Tip: "Sour Pickles Keel - Sweet Melons Heal" ***

Pinata Wights - Ambient Life - orange color. When killed will:

(1) Turn into SEVEN random goodies! (40% chance)
or (2) Blow up like normal - stand back! (40% chance)
or (3) Dud. Pfffft... (20% chance)



Yes, you CAN play Rocket Dorf Fest on Uber Ghol Riot! This gives you T-Ghols
instead of normal ghols, which means they are faster, can attack hand-to-hand
before tossing (since they only toss with a T-attack), and can generally throw
stuff REALLY far (except Flame Arrows and Healing Melons, which are always the
same with or without RDF). It's *awesome* - especially with Mini T-Ghols! :D

Here's what you get in place of Ghols when you plug in RDF Unit Sets:

* M+M Madness gives you Mini T-Ghols! <== *** INSANELY FUN!!! ***
* Giant Madness gives you T-Ghol Tossers (2Pus-sized T-Ghols)
* Variety Pak, RD Madness and Hero Madness gives you T-Ghols
* Mini Madness gives you *Minis* that can pick up and toss goodies! :)
* Mondo Madness gives you *Mondos* that can pick up and toss goodies! :)

Oh, and the Stampede Swineherds become *Mini T-Ghols* that can *also* toss
goodies (though not as far) - don't forget they can move all over the place
*and* are invisible on the overhead! :)

Let me know how you like Uber Ghol Riot!

Enjoy!! :D



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