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Tsuj Os Yzarc - Made by BattleNipple aka Garrett Lang

There are 8 starting locations, with one myrk giant.

But thats not all.

You can no longer lust people, that attack was traded for a power ball throw but you cant click on giants so you have to cntrl click and aim by yourself... its tight.. you can also pick up a max of 3 dwarf bodies and throw them at your enemies as well, the dwarfs will laugh through the air and go Splatt cuasing some damage and droping 4 satches, now cntrl click and throw a power ball at them satches and hopefully you cuase some massive damage ... hehe

The story goes that this is where the Myrkridian Giants come to decide who shall rule over their territory, they come once every half a century to fight it out, but however they are not the only ones fighting over there next leader.... the dwarves in the area have also decided they would fight on the same island as the myrkridian giants. Little did they know that this day was also their day to fight it out.

For every player playing there is 4 computer controled duffs fighting the other players 4 computer duffs.. the more people playing the more CHAOS on the island... also for every player there is one computer controled Journey man cheering everyone one and healing those in need if you walk up close to them, you can not kill the journy men, they are just referees hehehehe,

GFGG LOOKOUT this map will truly be the most kick ass Ranked map for giant lovers. They can take all the aggression they have for punk little duffs out all over this map.... and even if you like dwarfs you should check this out... truly a blast

Hints: If you throw a dwarf at someone who is to close the dwarf will probly just bounce off him and go splatt on the ground..if you want to cuase max damage with them , make sure you throw them far enough away to go splatt :) hehe

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