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Soma's "Trebuchets" ~ Pluginized and Mod'd by Baak

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak.
Last Updated: 2005/10/27


The Trebuchet is an intensely fun very-long-range unit created by Soma and
extracted with care from his extremely fun "Grilling Grounds" (Siege!) map.
I managed to contact Soma and received enthusiastic permission to post this
mod/plugin publicly. He was surprised and very pleased we were having so
much fun with a unit and map that he thought disappeared with the demise of
The Mill (he posted it there just before it went off-line).

After 50+ games worth of play-testing with the Order of H'Pak, combining it
with another exquisite unit - Rohan's Leggo Airship - I've added some minor
mods and personal touches of my own to bring you this incredibly fun unit.


Trebuchets are formidable units so only certain substitutions will work well,
yet having lots of variety makes them work on tons of maps. Thus the multiple
plugin version of Trebuchets was born.

For each Trebuchet plugin you make active, you get the Trebuchet unit instead
of the unit type listed in parens at the end of the plugin name, as follows:

With this plugin active: You get Trebuchets instead of:

~~ Trebuchets (archers) ==> Bowmen (Heroes in big+can), bre'Unor, fir'Bolg
~~ Trebuchets (barons) ==> Baron units - great for assassin games!
~~ Trebuchets (big+can) ==> "Big" units - Trow, Myrk Giants, plus Cannons
~~ Trebuchets (dorfs) ==> Just about every Dorf unit there is
~~ Trebuchets (fetch) ==> You guessed it... Fetch
~~ Trebuchets (warlocks) ==> All but Warlock Heroes (they're in big+can)
~~ Trebuchets (wights) ==> Convert those Wights to something tougher...

For example, you could substitute the mortar dwarves on Venice with Trebuchets
by making the (dorfs) plugin active. If you *also* make the (warlocks) plugin
active you'll get even more Trebuchets - get the idea? :)

*Plus* you can mix and match Trebuchets with Leggo Airships any way you like!

Use the Trebuchets (dorfs) plugin and the Airships (warlocks) plugin together
on Venice and tell me this isn't a TON of fun! :D

I've included *many* 3rd party units in these conversions, including Forest
Giants and lots of Cannon variations in the (big+can) plugin.

And as a *SPECIAL BONUS* I've added a separate plugin that converts the Treb
mortar round into one of my Uber Ghol Riot "Exploding Dorf Heads" - yowza!
The plugin name is: "~~~ Dorf Head Treb Ammo" in case you missed it... ;D


I've slightly modified the original Trebuchet unit to make it even more fun
and take advantage of some of the features in Patch 1.5.1+

As per the original instructions, to fire a mortar round you ctrl-click the
ground about halfway to your target (these units are seriously long range!).

Unlike the original unit, I have converted the Special ("T") Attack to launch
the Muliple-Arrow Volley and made it so you can do this fairly close range.
This is a great counter-attack against Leggo Airships, but you only have a
limited number of them per Trebuchet. Double-clicking an enemy launches a
single larger (Treb) Fire Arrow. Both attack use "Trebuchet Fire Arrow Ammo"
that look like larger Archer Fire Arrows on the ground. You start with six
and can carry a maximum of nine. Yes, Trebuchets can "pick them up", so watch
for those dropped by both enemy and friendly Trebuchets!

I've added a cool ammo icon in the Status Bar which shows how many you have
left and indicates they are used for both [ Multi Arrow Volley / Fire Arrow ]

And remember: *ALL* Trebuchet attacks are mana-based, so use them wisely! :)


Two Saks (one of the Members of the OoH) played some co-op with these plugins
and I thought this was brilliant. In fact, this led to some of the best tweaks
I've added. The (archers) plugin included in the set is meant *primarily* for
co-op games (although you can certainly use it on multiplayer - it just might
be a bit too many Trebuchets). Try playing "The Great Library" like so:

~~ Trebuchets (dorfs)
~~ Airships (archers)
~~ Airships (fetch)


In closing, I want to thank Soma for creating both the Trebuchet unit and his
Grilling Grounds map - they are *extremely fun*! (Try RDF on GG too! OMG!)

Thanks to Haravikk for helping me tweak the Trebuchet collection (on his Mac)
in an attempt to get the shield emblem to correctly display the player primary
and secondary colors. Although the tweak didn't work, our discussion led me to
discover the original collection reference tag contained a bad value that was
preventing the primary/secondary display to work properly.

And as always, a Special Thanks to the Members and Special Guests of the OoH.

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. Be sure to try Trebuchets with the Leggo Airships plugin!


This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

Change Log: 2005/03/10 - v0.7 - First Version
2005/04/06 - v1.0 - First Release Version (rebuilt)
2005/05/25 - v1.1 - Multi-plugin (was erroneously built as v0.8)
2005/05/31 - v1.2 - Multi-plugin with extra mods
2005/06/30 - v1.3 - Pre-release tweaks
2005/07/20 - v2.0 - Second Release Version
2005/09/25 - v2.1 - Added "Missile Attack Not Height Affected" fix
2005/10/27 - v2.2 - Removed version number for final release

Baak can be found playing Myth II with his Order of H'Pak (~OoH~) order mates
on PlayMyth.net, or at www.orderofhpak.com (join the OoH Forums!)

Changes from the original unit(s) by Soma; unique combination of settings that
makeup this modified plugin; new material; new names/flavors; any and all new
documentation (including this readme) are:
Copyright (C)2005 Baak'lor Studios (aka W.Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

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