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ToD Valley of Dionisis (m3 version)
Porting and reworking of meshwork was done by MalektheAncient based on m2 version
Original Colormap By Korgath

Traitor of Darkness(m3 version) Storyline

The Deceiver is not reknown as such without just cause. Only moments after the death of Soulblighter at The Forge of Tharsis, he disappeared from the face of the earth.

Four years went by before his whereabouts was discovered.

It turns out that the Deciever has spent the last four years hidden away in the Valley of Dionisis, a small dip in the Cloudspine Mountains.
There, he has rebuilt an army of the undead.

Enter now Traitor of Darkness

Special note Try weak if you lack the courage to stand up to the Deceiver
Also the M2 version is different with subtle changes due to differences in game issues

M3 Specific
Specific changes listed here: Added cw cannon model created by MalektheAncient
Mesh Enlargement by 1/8th
Rescripted whole level based on m2 version plus extras
Reworked Warlock hero not to suck in m3(m2 version would eat this guy for lunch)
Added Token Connal Cernacht felt it was a balance issue (m3 archer heroes also blow so you get a bowman merc) besides hes just damn cool thank demosthenes for his great unit trademark
Added Bonus Mesh: Traitor of Light (its similar to m2's Bitter Revenge) PS its really fun

All work herewithin in this m3 version is compiled using Fear, Loathing, amd Vengeance 2002 t2i all rights reserved
3dstudio Max R3.1 is a product of discreet all rights reserved. Photoshop 7.0 is a product of Adobe all rights reserved

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