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'Till the River Runs Dry

This map was created to demonstrate that blackholes do not lead to pocket universes. It is in the same flavor and style as Gimble in the Wabe and should be played accordingly. Any failure to do so will result in immediate legal action and possible fines.

„„„How to use this map

1. Expand the compressed archive
2. Place the "Till the River Runs Dry" plugin in your plugins folder inside the Myth II folder
3. Select Multiplayer from the Main Menu and sign on to your favorite server
4. Select "New Game" from the games list window
5. Click "plugins" and activate "Till the River Runs Dry" and select OK
6. Choose the desired settings and select OK
7. Wait for people to join your game
8. When you have enough people, select Begin Game
9. When the game loads you shoud be now playing on the map. Don't lose! Don't suck!
10. After sucking and losing quit the game and never open Myth II again, n00b

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