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Tiberium Dorf 4.0                            Converted by lank

Tiberium Dorf. What is it? ItÕs a plugin for Myth 2: Soulblighter. More specifically, itÕs a conversion of a map made for Myth: The Fallen Lords, where each of the four teams has a large number of dwarves and some other units with which to kill each other. The most basic name for this type of map is ÒDorf RiotÓ, where the main units are dwarves. ThatÕs where the similarities really end, though. TBDF has a larger number of dwarves than most people would be willing to play with all at once. It also has other units beside dwarves, on any difficulty greater than Timid. (Although why you would play TBDF on Timid I have no idea. ;) On Legendary, you will find in your possesion:

23/24 dwarves (timid)
2/6 bowmen (simple)
0/3 fetch (normal)
2 ghols (untradable) (heroic)
and 1 special unit (also untradable) (legendary) which differs depending on your starting location.

Veterans of the Great War (also known as Myth 1) may find the mesh for TBDF somehow familiar. ThatÕs because itÕs the map for ÒA TraitorÕs GraveÓ, which is level 2 from Myth 1.

You may have noticed the number 4 in the name above. Originally, TBDF was made by my order leader BoÕAlor for Myth 1. Incidentally, there were 3 versions made prior to this one (although I only ever saw the third). TBDF 4 is a conversion of TBDF 3 that I made so we could have all the fun of TBDF in Myth 2. I spent a couple of months making sure this map was as it should be, even to the point of making dwarven grenades like they were in Myth 1. Maybe theyÕre not exactly, but so close that it will frustrate you often as you try to blow up a group of enemy dwarves standing on some satchels.

Now for the differences from normal maps. People may find that these are annoying or that they add to the strategy of the game.

1) Fetch and archers now have limited ammunition. Bowmen can carry up to 20 arrows, and only ever have 1 fire arrow. They can pick up broken arrows and the ammo that has fallen from a dead archer (they look impressive when they get blown up by fetch :). Fetch have a maximum of 10 shots, and can refill by picking up pus packets. This isnÕt a great problem, as there are plenty strewn about the map (another aspect of TBDF that really adds to gamepley). These changes were made so that even a person who has lost all his bowmen, fetch, ghols and the special unit still has some chance of winning.

2) Each team has a special unit on Legendary. I will list these at the end so that people who want surprises can still have them. If you find that you donÕt want to play with the specials, change down to Heroic. You will have all the same units as on Leg, but just no specials.

3) Grenades are more like they were in Myth 1. As I noted above...

I canÕt think of any more information about TBDF that I need to throw at you, so IÕll start to end this readme here...

Special Thanks go to:

Bungie Software, for making great games that can stay great for a long time.

My order members, Goft, Skarg and BoÕAlor for testing it with me and especially to Bo for making the original TBDF.

KillSwitch and KVLtv, for porting the models from Myth 1 that were used in this.

Bubba and his Real Lifeª work mates, also for testing TBDF.

Thanks to you also for downloading this plugin and playing it.

Look out for other great Midnight Resistance (MiR) Productsª coming Soon...

Wierdobodomons: Another blast from the past, made originally for Myth 1 and now brought to Myth 2, with more units and more laughs. WM is a collection of all the units from Myth, greatly altered for new gameplay and humour. When you think of WM, think in terms of Warrior Bombs, Chicken Archers, Thrall Joggers and Dwarven Divers...

After the white space below you will find descriptions of the special units in TBDF. If you want them to remain a surprise when you play, stop reading now.

NE corner: An uncontrollable Mahir. Not altered in any way, just scripted to attack the enemy teams. DonÕt set planning time too high, or the MahirÕs gonna getcha! >:)

SE corner: A Dwarven Pathfinder. His name is Jari, but heÕs more like his father, Balin, than he used to be...

SW corner: A Flaming Soulless. This guy is on fire, just not literally. A plain old Soulless with plain old exploding javelins.

NW corner: An Avatara Journeyman. His name is Alric. HeÕs got two dispersal dreams, and heÕs not as tough as you might be used to, but tough enough to cause a fair amount of havoc when his dispersal dreams are gone, given that heÕs only a melee unit.

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