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Thrallerella v1.0

First off, this plug was meant to be included with a wonderfully scripted solo map... obviously, it is not. It was going to be an epic tale of Thrallerella, she was on a quest, yes, an epic quest, to capture the heart of the Thrall Prince whom did not return her undying love. Unfortunately, this idea was thought up by myself and pog, whom are BOTH too lazy to do jack shit. =/ Whatever...

What you do get in this plug is a bunch of new haxxxor units. All thrall. Here's a run down...

Thrall Fighters - Thrall 1.5 times the size of normal thrall. Uber fast, uber strong, uber decaying.

Thrall Axemen - The thrall archer variant, at first not too accurate, but they gain skill with kills. Keep them around.

Thrall Magi - Somehow, these guys float. Oh, and they throw a BUNCH of axes. Special ability is a heal. It'll heal all your thrall units except for regular thrall.

Thrall Enthrallers - I forgot what their regular attack it... (I never use it...), but their special involves throwing a flying dwarf which explodes on impact. Fun times.

Thrall - Normal, everyday thrall. Now, they can pick stuff up and throw it. Whooo, fun huh?

Special note- New flavor text, new names. Check all the flavors. Wicked funny, I promise.

Legalities. - I have no clue... Me and pog made it, and shizzle. Use it if you want. I don't care. Thanks to Bungie for originally making thrall, and thanks to PM for keeping myth alive.


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