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Riot v.6

By: Organ Donor


Child tested and mother approved

Few select Trow and hordes of Thrall team up to this mysterious land and battle it out. It is said a large object fell from the sky and landed here, these thrall and a few select Trow migrate here and they must kill the other teams, there is no reason behind it they have been doing it for years before the great wars. Now you must take on a team and help these animals quench their bloodlust.

1 trow

1 weight

74 thrall

other various scenery and stuff

What's diffrent in version .6:
-added a weight
-took away the wolfs and pesants
-i think i fixed the player cameras
-added some new scenery

*note* This is not a final version there are things messed up, if you like this please e-mail me because I could use some help on this, I can't really find many people to help me test this.

Much Thanks to:
-Satans Helper
-Marine Recon

*Please NOTE*
I used the textures from:
Ransomª Interactive's Desert & Badlands, Vol. 1 Copyright © 1997 Ransom Group, Inc.

And always: Copywrite 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corperation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: kgmoome@aol.com

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