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                                                              Thrall Coolie

The Plugin:

Remove the plugin from the directory it was zipped in and place it in your plugins folder in your Myth II folder. To use the plugin, just activate it in the plugin menu while selecting the game to be played while in options. This unit replaces the Thrall on any map that uses the basic Myth II Thrall. There are maps that have Thrall that aren't this type, so it won't always work. It should work about 95% of the time though, and will do fine on all the standard Bungie maps with Thrall.

Use In a Map:

Remove the plugin from the directory it was zipped in and place it someplace where you can hack it with Tag Extractor, or Topaz. Add the tags to your Myth II: Soulblighter local folder in their appropriate folders. Feel free to use it on any map you make. Please don't forget to mention me in your documentaion if you do.

The Unit:

A good friend wrote me and asked me to modify a Thrall. Here is what he requested:

"...please make it pickup and drop everything that can be moved (including rocks if possible). To me, this is crucial since the things the thrall could do would be quite diverse (such as stacking rocks on top of satchel charges for shrapnel effect, hiding satchel charges under bits of body parts or rocks, spelling your name with intestines - you know, the fun stuff). If no pictures are available, then just make the thrall suck it up off the ground (maybe right up his ass or something) - ACTUALLY (IDEA TIME!) If the Thrall gave very little indication that they're grabbing something, or dropping something (maybe they just squat a little and the item shoots up/out their ass) would be cool since it would not tip off anybody watching unless they were looking close! Now that would make them an interesting addition! Cool....."

Needless to say, but I complied. To the letter, which means that you shouldn't take this unit seriously. I made it for a quick laugh, but I laughed so hard I just had to share it.

Special Thanks For:

Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
(C) 1997-98 Bungie Software Products Corporation

Amber 2.0 beta 5 by Vodi (vodi@online.no)
1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

Tag Extractor by Vodi (vodi@online.no)
1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

The Fallen Sounds by Bo Lindbergh (d88-bli@nada.kth.se)
1998 Bo Lindbergh

Head Edit by Chris Dreessen (dreessen@earthlink.net)
1998-99 Chris Dreessen, Badlands

You are meant to use this free of charge. The Thrall Coolie was modified by me (KVLtv), and you may use it on any map you edit, free of charge. Be sure that if you do use the Thrall Coolie, you don't forget where you found it. Everything contained in this plugin is Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Have Fun!!

KVLtv (kvltv@balinsbar.com)

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