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Thief ---> originaly called King of the Ball... changed name so you dont confuse it has in Raid on the Plains. 

-Meshes and Units
-Rules of the game


I would like first to thank every person who beta test this. Lots of idiots, Wismuth and Mate. This game was first put on the mill in Tumus but
it wasn't at its best.

Meshes and Units

The mesh is for 8 players, so I suggest you be at least 4 or more. The units in this is very simple. A modified dwarf, he is faster and shoot a bit furter.
There is another map with 12 startings that is very ugly. It was the first ever Thief made by me and I just wanted to put it with the other. I know the hills are ugly but.. heh!

Rules of the game

This is an all new experience. I strongly suggest you play that on deathmatch, or you will quickly find out thats boring.
So... everyone has one dwarf, there is a ball in the middle. The winner is the player who holds the ball for the longest time.
I just want to warn you that you cannot go to the flag. You will control it only when holding the ball. Dont try to get it without the ball.
Sometimes, its very rare, if a player is very dumb, he will try to make the ball bounce over the trees. Thats BAD...

Hope you enjoy it!

Credits- Copyright

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by <--In My Head ~idiot~

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