; Mythgraveyard

They come in all sizes V1.0
By Nick Snow

This plugin makes all the units, scenery, and projectiles....come in all sizes. This does nothing to the difficulty of the game. I think you will find this interesting if nothing else. It took me only about 20 min to make this incredibly game changing plugin so for all of you who havent tried making a plugin, its very fun and mostly simple (i figured out how to make these w/out the aid of the fear and loathing documents). If you have any suggestions or something is wrong with my plugin E-mail me at ultimas9@hotmail.com . To use these put the contents of the local folder into your local folder (or just replace the entire local folder) for single player and put the plugin into your plugins folder for multi player. The only problems I have seen are in the escape from madrigal level.

Created by bungie's fear and loathing (thank god I didnt have to use a hex editor).

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