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Thermonuclear Dwarves+ v1.2.1
Sir Moogle@aol.com
The Prophet

This release of the Thermonuclear Dwarves plugin should be the last. This bundle includes two plugs: The stanadard Thermonuclear Dwarves plug and the new "Cheat" plug. If you have previous versions of this plug, you know what you're getting. Otherwise, let me explain: This plugin vastly improves everyone's (or most people's) favorite unit, the dwarf. He now throws more powerful grenades, and throws them farther. His satchels are only limited by mana. However, the main point of this plug is to add mesh effects to darned near every explosion in existence. Everyone enjoys a large ripple and shockwave at least once in a while; this plugin insures that you get your fill. This plug is made for the aspiring pyromaniacs, anarchists, and physicists out there. And yes, I've tested it; it IS possible to freeze your comp with this plug. Ask eveofdawn for the grisly details. Unless you have something like a G4 500 with a VooDoo 3 accelerator, you wil find a limit to the carnage you can create, and that limit is somewhat less than one end of the map to the other (although I did lay that many mines once. Once.) Enjoy!

Version History
v1.0.0: Initial Release.
v1.1: Fixed unit speed, fixed heroes, added lightning attack.
v1.2+: Added Pathfinder. Added more mesh effects. Included CHEAT plug.
v1.2.1+: Damage is instantaneous, CHEAT does more damage.

To appease the gods of gaming at Bungie:
Copyright 1998 in whole or part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Create with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: James O'Donnell, sirmoogle@aol.com

Made with a Mac on 6/05/00
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