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ĄThermonuclear Dwarves CHEAT v1.1
Sir Moogle@aol.com
The Prophet

This plugin was designed after a game between eveofdawn and I. We were laying down Satchel Charges all over The Desert Between Your Ears... with the intent of crashing/freezing our computers. It worked quite nicely, except that laying this megalithic minefield took a looong time. That led to the birth of this plug. Dwarves do not need to use mana for their abilities. They walk very fast and can throw long distances. Alric requires no mana/ammo for his dispersal dreams. There is no end to the carnage. This edition makes the damage higher, which makes body parts fly farther, has the damage from an explosion happen instantaneously (rather than the damage expanding from ground-zero.) That last fix was made because if enough explosions went off at once, a thrall standing at ground-zero would somehow survive the explosion because the damage went flat but the ripple went up and down (don't ask why that works, it just does.) Also, the dwarves activation ranges are zero because during friendly games of who-can-lay-the-most-satchel-charges, there would be problems of dwarves decimating one another beyond any reasonable range. Now dwarves attack only if you explicitly tell them to. Wights and Thrall also run faster now so they can meet their doom quicker. Enjoy, pyromaniacs and anarchists everywhere!

Known Bugs:
For some reason, dwarves cannot shoot at certain distances when you control-click. They will instead run towards the target and stand there. Sometimes pressing the space bar helps. If you fire with a numberof dwarves, though, expect one to be obliterated at the hands of his fellows. If anyone can dissect the plug and discover the problem, it will be much appreciated.

Version History
v1.0.0: Initial Release.
v1.1: Decreased Activation ranges, increased damage. Wights and Thrall run faster.

To appease the gods of gaming at Bungie:
Copyright 1998 in whole or part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Create with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: James O'Donnell, sirmoogle@aol.com

Made with a Mac on 6/05/00.
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