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Thermonuclear Dwarves+ v1.2.1
Sir Moogle@aol.com
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To use this plugin single-player mode, replace your local folder with the one in this folder.

Although the Great War may be over, and Soulblighter vanquished, that doesn't mean the dwarves are gonna start gettin' lazy. Nosiree, they've been hard at work on their quest to rid the world of Ghols. The Dwarven R&D Department has been hard at work, upgrading the newest innovations in the technologies of mass destruction and carnage. The upgrades are as follows:

Dwarven Grenadiers:
The bread-and-butter troop of the Dwarven Army has been significantly upgraded, with the range increased to 25. They now fire twice as fast, doing about twice the damage over twice the area. They incorporate Dwarven Nuclear Fission Technologyª, which results in small ripples. The Dwarves also have discovered electronic computing, and their grenades are now guided. The explosions are poweful enough to leave permanent marks, and a team of dwarves can create large, lasting craters. They also have a short range lightning attack, useable by double-clicking on a nearby unit. Dwarves may also now travel any terrain at faster speeds due to their 7 And A Half League Bootsª. The Dwarven Satchel Chargeª has also been improved. See also Satchel Charges for more details. All these improvements come with a price, however: the new Dwarven Grenadier now costs 30 Trading Points and any unit that kills one gains 5 experience points instead of 1. The dwarf's grenades emit puffs of smoke, making him easily visible to all players.

Mortar Dwarves:
The elite Dwarf troop has also been upgraded, resulting in a range of 50 and nearly double damage and double the blast radius. The cannon has also been improved, resulting in a much quicker firing range, allowing them to shoot twice as fast. They also gain the speed and guidance enhancements. They gain the same lightning attack as the dwarves. As with Grenadiers, they can slowly create craters. They also now have a second feature: Rapid Fire Mortarª. They shoot ten shots in rapid sucsession on an enemy, each shot using one-tenth of the dwarf's mana. However, after they shoot their ten rapid shots, they have a reload time of ten seconds. It is an excellent way to clear out a large army as the explosions hit each other, covering a large area.

Dwarven Pathfinders:
The Dwarven Pathfinders are lightly equipped Grenadiers. They are built for speed and go so fast that they seem to leave a trail, like The Flash. They are more accurate with their grenades, but they deal less damage and have a smaller blast radius. They cannot drop as many Satchel Charges.

Satchel Charges:
The Dwarf's satchel charge is now much more powerful, about 50% more powerful than a Mortar Dwarf shot. Dwarves no longer need to carry ammunition, they are able to create them with the tools in their backpack, using up mana. They may lay up to five such charges before they must wait for their mana to recharge. Placing enough of these on one spot can create a vary large crater.

The Grenadiers and Mortar heroes are much more powerful. They have a longer range, more mana, a faster speed, a faster reload time, and a faster mana recharge rate. They deal the smae damage, however.

Version History
v1.0.0: Initial Release.
v1.1: Fixed unit speed, fixed heroes, added lightning attack.
v1.2+: Added Pathfinder. Added more mesh effects.
v1.2.1+: Damage fills an area instantaneously to prevent mysterious ground-zero survivors.

To appease the gods of gaming at Bungie:
Copyright 1998 in whole or part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Create with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: James O'Donnell, sirmoogle@aol.com

Made with a Mac on 6/05/00
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