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"The Wild West.tagset"
A Conversion Tagset for Myth II: Soulblighter
Based from The Wild West v2 net/solo creation
(c) 1999 Bar 7

It's fairly simple. Put the file "The Wild West.tagset" into the "plugins" folder/directory which is located in your MythII folder/directory.

Also, make sure any Map Plugins that need this tagset are also located in your "plugins" folder/directory. Otherwise, you will not see any changes this tagset does.

This tagset is only for use with 3rd party maps, or making your own maps.

When you start a multiplayer game of MythII, and you wish to play a map that uses this Wild West.tagset, you first go into the "Options" when you are the host of a net game. Then, you find the button "Plugins..." and press that. Inside is a loader dialog that lets you enable the Wild West.tagset plugin! Woo! Once you do that, you can then select a map that uses the Wild West.tagset, and commence playing.

The following is in simple basic creation lingo. If you don't understand, then you most likely are not someone who will understand. So please, don't email us for more of an explanation then what follows.

If you want to create maps that use this tagset, you will need to do basicly the following:

Use a "Tag Extractor" utility first (check the Mill: mill.bungie.org).

Now, you need to extract EVERYTHING from the tagset plugin. Everything that is extracted, you should then place into the "local" folder/directory inside your MythII folder/directory. This opens up all the various tags that you can then use in your maps!

NOTE: Do NOT alter any of the Wild West tags. Only have them present to be able to create your maps to use them. Loathing has this thing where it won't let you use stuff that is burried in a plugin file, it only uses stuff that is in the "local" folder (go figure).

When you compile a map plugin to use with the Wild West.tagset, be sure to NOT compile any of the Wild West tags within (remove them all from your local folder before doing "Build Plugin File..." within Fear). If you do, it will give you very mixed and very BAD results when someone goes to use your map with the tagset!

All units, all scenery, and all effects/sounds in the Wild West.tagset start with "WW". This makes it much easier for you to find what you want when building your maps.

Making maps to use with the Wild West.tagset is freely open and allowed, and you do not need to write for permission so long as you DO NOT alter the Wild West units/scenery/physics/settings/etc, and so long as you DO NOT include any of the Wild West tags inside your Map plugin file. Thank you for abiding by this simple request. If you want to alter things, then email us for permission to do so (the-mill@bungie.org attn: Bar7).

NEVER RENAME THE "The Wild West.tagset" FILE! Map plugins will not see the tagset if you do.

General rule of thumb: If you have any problems with plugins that will not turn off, or if multiplayer games on bungie.net appear red, simply empty your plugins folder (EXCEPT "Patch 1.2" and "Patch 1.3" should _not_ be removed), or empty your local folder, or trash your preferences folder, or all of the above, to remedy the problem.

For more information about all sorts of stuff (with kewl visuals), head to the website at:

The original creation was titled "The Wild West v2", which contains 4 net maps, and 1 solo map. So if you wish to play some maps made by the creators of this fine tagset, go download it! This tagset does not include those maps for reasons obvious... this is just a tagset!

New units.
New sounds.
New weapons.
New physics.
New effects.
New scenery.
New ambient life.
Altered Bungie units.
Altered Bungie scenery.
Altered Bungie ambient life.

Gunfighters and Deputies:
These guys shoot bullets from pistols. To aim, just click your guy on an enemy, and they will fire away as best they know how. The trick is to start firing before they do. These units will start to fire on their own, but only closer up... so if you want to take advantage of the longer ranges possible, then you have to manually click them on the target. Adds a higher skill factor in managing your gun slinging bastards.

These guys also throw lit lanterns. These lanterns are not all that strongly designed, they like to shatter into a ball of flame and spread their kerosine all across the ground when they are lofted so. These lanterns can be of great help for holding off enemies. No one likes to walk through a wall of fire, so in a pinch, its a great escape helper, as well as something to fry your nemesis with.

Outlaws and Marshals:
These tough, long dark coated, attitude ridden, foul mouthed, bastard puppies shoot powerful bullets from their Winchester rifles. They are slower, because they have to reload and take aim again, but don't let that get you down... the Winchester didn't win the west because it looked pretty! This bad boy packs a punch, and at a very long distance too boot! You can shatter a towns folk with just one shot from this sleek weapon.

These guys have a drawback... they can't handle when things get too close to them, so instead of trying to take aim, they bash whomever is close with the butt of the rifle. You do not need to double-click to get them to bash something, they will do it on their own if the enemy is close enough... they are not stupid you know (*cough* lame-archers)!

These rough and tumblers also throw sticks of dynamite. Careful, a single stick of dynamite can rip a man in half... so be darned careful where you chuck them! Dynamite can be thrown a fair distance, but the wicks are long so they take time before they explode... so many times, if you are quick and saw the attack, you can escape the booming death with just a few scratches! Dynamite will explode under water, so don't think since you're standing in a pond, that the stick of dynamite your enemy just chucked in there with you, won't go off!

A ringer is someone who has the talent to be exceptional at what they do. These guys are exceptional with their gun. Ringers fire rapidly 6 times in a row (or less if the target dies), and then have a longer recover time (think of it as reloading). They are pretty powerful units for taking out another one on one, so keep them around, and try to be careful to not throw them into a heated battle.

Ringers are not easily found or ever in massive quantities, so you won't find that you have many (if any at all) in the games. Because, if everyone was a ringer... there wouldn't be the term!

These guys throw lit lanterns as well. They carry a few more to start, so be cautious if they die.

Many doctors of the old west healed the wounded due to gunshots, extracting bullets left and right. The Doctor or Doctors you get in some of the maps will wander along with you, and help your men in times of need. They pick up the white tin Medical Cases that can be found in supply areas. Although the Doctors carry the big black bags with them, without the extra supplies in the tin cases, they won't have the resources to keep helping your men. Doctors are not completely defenseless, they can confuse, sicken, and stun anyone who gets within range of their intoxicating elixirs. Guard them well or keep them out of harms way until needed.

Some games, you get some cattle that you can control. Cattle have been known to not just stand around and chew their cud, but to also throw some serious temper tantrums. If you feel like it, send a heard of cattle off to gore your enemy with. Cattle with strike with their horns and thrash anyone and anything you send 'em after.

The occasional wolf was sometimes found with the occasional outlaw. They went hand 'n hand, and many times the wolf bit that hand. These wolves have been decorated with a bandana so during net games, you can tell who's wolf is who's. This also help prevent people from picking black colors and having their wolves come out pitch black and disgusting.

Chickens are good for dinner. They also got a serious pecker.

No, you can't mount them and ride around the town firing your six-shooter into the sky... some limits of the Myth engine prevented us from "efficiently" creating this effect, so we didn't bother... didn't add to gameplay anyhow. So, horses are just there as shields, or targets. Got Glue?

Randall Shaw --------Graphics Alchemist
Unit modeler/animator
Collection graphics/setup
Map color/shadow/height and meshes
Promo Web Site
Project Coordinator

Michael Milvich -----Tags Wizard
Tags tags and more tags
Physics for explosions and effects
AI setup of new units and ambients
Map actions and special sequences
Creator of the solo level action/flow
Vice Project Coordinator

SEG Digital Media:
Johnny Biebesheimer -Professional Sound Coordinator
Composer, creator, manager
Larry Caringer ---Professional Voice Man
Voice of the Outlaw/Marshal
Voice of "Cold Chuck Johnny"
Joel Graham ------Professional Voice Man
Voice of the Gunfighter/Deputy
Doug Doescher ----Professional Voice Man
Voice of the Doctor
Voice of "Wyatt Earp"

Gary Simmons --------Writer Extraordinaire
PR guru
Flavor writer
Name creator
Plot handler
Finder of stuff unfindable

James Head ----------Beta Testing Wacko
Finder of things broken
Annoying pestering "make this fixed!" person
Great inquisitor of busted-upedness
Ah you get the point

Robert Shaw ---------Beta Tester
Net play tester
Unbiased views
Fresh look on entire creation
LinuxPPC Guru (just had to throw that in! heh!)

Fisj ----------------Vistan Beta Tester
Deathwhore ----------Vistan Beta Tester
Damas ---------------Vistan Beta Tester
Net play testers
Biased fresh views
Incredible map makers themselves!

Hans Birkeland ------Amber 2.0 b5 1998-99
Tag Extractor 1998-99
Also a Vistan beta tester

Inside Mac Games ----Great News Support http://www.imgmagazine.com/
MacAddict -----------News Support http://www.macaddict.com/
Bungie Software -----Game Support http://www.bungie.net/


This Package Copyright 1999 All Rights Reserved.

This creation, The Wild West, by the Bar 7, cannot be used in full or in part in any other creation without the explicit written permission by one of the coordinators of the group. Failure to do so will result in copyright infringement.

LIMITATION ON DISTRIBUTION. The User may freely distribute the archive and documentation provided they are distributed together and in their original form, complete and unaltered. In particular, this licence document must accompany all distributed files. Unless the User obtains prior written consent from Licensor stating otherwise, the User may not charge in any way for distributing this archive!

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Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created in part with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by:
Randall Shaw, the-mill@bungie.org
Michael Milvich, milvich@montana.edu


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